Kruba Keow Mah

 Kruba Keow Ma, a merciful 89 year old monk of Phayao province.
He studied Vipassana Meditation as a disciple of Kruba Sriwichai who possessed a profound knowledge of Visha and is highly revered in Thailand.
Vipassan means “to see things as the really are” – an ancient meditation technique discovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago.
Kruba Keow is also highly respected for his dedication an practice of the 700 year old traditional use of holistic folk medicineMany people have reported miracles associated with the amulets consecrated by this Guru Monk. Every day, many people go to meet Kruba Keow as they firmly believe that he has power to secure good fortune, particularly in business and love.

Kruba Keow is known as a Lanna monk, differing from other Thai monks in as much that he practises the centuries old traditional form of Buddhism and meditation derived from the original Lanna scripts
Note: The Tipitaka was first written in Sri Lanka, on palm leaves in the Singhalese script, in the year 433 of the Buddhist Era. ….In Thailand, the scriptures were first inscribed in the Great Buddhist Council at Chet Yod Monastery in Chiang Mai in 2020 of the Buddhist Era (A.D. 1477). The script used then was the “Lanna script.
To the many monks in Northern Thailand, such as Kruba Keow, practicing the original Lanna ways of chanting, blessing or meditation can be very difficult and generally will require a life time process of learning and dedication. One of the very reasons he is so highly regarded by the people of Northern Thailand.

kruba keow mah passed away in 2008