Luang Phor Suphasit

Phra luang phor Suphasit was born on 19 June at Tambon weang , amper Chengkhong , Chiangrai.

Become the novice when he was 12 year old at Donchai temple , amper Cheangkhong , Chiangrai. At that time his master is Prakhoo Soponjariyakit and also learn many subject from him.

When he was 17-18 year old, he became the student of Luang Tah Kham which they met during tudong. He learned the subject from his master of making khun pean from orginial subject jaw choo and inku Praisane.

Luang Phor suhapsit realised at that time that he was able to communciate and connect with spirits from underworld and taewada thep from the heaven.

Master of all Wicha magic including the fine art of magicial sakyant (Tattoo)

He learn the subject of sepeung , kumanthong and another subject from archan sab prommano .

He also learned metta , Protection subject from lp noppawan sananimit.

Then learn the magicial art of sakyant tattoo jingjok and other from phra archan Leang,Jomket temple in Ayuttaya.

Many people in thailand went to get tattoo done by Luang Phor suphasit due to the powerful effect and nice workmanship from him.

Learn do takrut (ware on waist ) from lp Hen , Dontong temple , call “ Takut pucha chong benjarid ” wicha ser non gin. (tiger sleeping and eating ) This is a famous takrut made by luang Phor suhpashit also.

Then learn from archan Chum, por Teang nuammahna, archan Manee Saitongdee (aj keow ) to make Prai koo mahasaney, inrunjuan , ,mae takientong , phra ngan and others.

He started to made khun pean jaw choo ,kuman Dood sab and other great amulets which became highly popular in Thailand. His kuman according to some feedback from Thai people that it has given them lottery luck and business luck.