Lersi Sompit

Lersi Sompit has visited Singapore countless of times and has made many fans here. He is a very popular and friendly Lersi whom many Singaporeans are no stranger to. He is also most famous for his intenstive chanting style?chanting as coined by his fans. It is actually, very fast, loud and clear chanting of blessings when he bestows good luck onto devotees. A very easy going and friendly person by nature, he enjoys meeting new people and chatting with devotees and visitors. He put on absolutely no airs even with his highly learned magical Wicca, very accommodating to requests and gives good advices. From an early age, Lersi Sompit has shown great interest in the Teachings of Buddha. As a child in Thailand he was required to become a monk and it was during this period that he met his teachers and learnt these mystical arts.