Kruba keow mah phra opakut mahalup (Old batch and highly recommended)



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Imagine that you get more wealth, luck and feel better doing it. I’m here to reveal an old batch amulet made by kruba keow mah called Phra opakut mahalup

Story of Phra Opakut

Phra OPaKut is a very famous Phra A-Ra-Hunt in Indian. The record showed that Phra OPaKut appear after Lord Buddha pass away 200 year. Phra OPaKut is highly respected in Indian, Burma, Thai, Cambodian and Laos. He has been deep knowledge of Visha and expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. phra opakut stayed in glass castle at nether world city.Lanna part of North of thaiiland every moon night pra opakut will come from nether world city for receive food ..if who offered food to him will have super good luck and forver wont be in poverty.

kruba keow mah had made and blessed this amulet by lanna subject for

 1) If who keep this phra opakut amulet,the buddha will always follow and protect the user from harm and all bad things in life.

2) Special Powder of wood po.(died by itself and turn to east) meaning is will enhance the user life and sucessful in everything that he do.

3) Oil from under the river from 8 famous places in thailand .(meaning phra opakut will always protect the user , like the wall 7 level protecting the user. Total in all 8 directions.

4) Under each piece of this amulet is inserted special mineral by kruba keow mah taken from The Golden Triangle in thailand which means will bring money come to the user and power to the life and family.

5) Special material inserted called rice pet leek , people in thailand believed inside have power itself. Blessed for more than 10 years for protection, wealth, never be in debt and never poor.

Whoever who keep these amulet will be successful in business, financial will extremely good, super good sales luck ,everone love you and strong protection from all evil and bad things.

This amulet is very rare and only left a few pieces as this is old batch amulet made by kruba keow mah.

In order not to miss out, get this piece of Kruba keow mah phra opakut mahalup at only $98sgd


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Weight 1.00 g

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