Archan Bangkung


Black robe powerful master Archan bangkung

Archan Bangkung current age of 39 years old was born in panga in Thailand.
At the age of 18 years old, archan went to surin province to learn under the art and magic of the black robe lineage.
He learned the subject of controlling spirits and angels from Archan Tuk Yi Pat.
He then travel to the south and learned more subject from black robe master Archan bobor regarding subject of  charming subject, saney attraction, couple love rekindle rituals and wealth opening subject.
A few years later, he travelled to Trang City and went to seek mastery from Archan Tren to learned the subject of open gambling luck subject and also more stronger love magicial power in getting back lost love and enhance super attraction using gold foil on face.

Archan Bangkung is the master of handling spiritual item and doing sakyant in oil.
His item is famous in the south and many people seek for his help in handling wealth and love related matters.