Archan Ves

Archan Ves the master of making beautiful sakyant tattoo. His main forte is in sakyant, nanathong wicha, salika lintong and in performing special ritual blessings for the devotees for good luck, good metta attraction and successful in business.

Well- known as one of the most popular sakyant master in Thailand with many devotees. In order to skillfully produce beautiful sakyants, the professional Archan Ves will put in hours of dedicated hard work and concentration to make sure the sakyant is precise and detailed.

After the yantra is done on the body Archan ves will chanted special mantra which most devotees will go into an instant trance, meaning the power of the higher beam entered into the person body.

Archan ves orginial subject is learned from LP Piboon, wat ban dang and LP pomyaw from Poryai Tham kum.

After that he learned many subject from other great master including the popular knowledge of sakyant.

Archan ves is also well known for his amulets including phra rahu, Phra khun pean and Nang Kam Nad”

His amulet is Strong power in Maha Saneh and fetching wealth. The user will have non-stop and continuously strong sex appeal.and Bring luck and wealthy to owner