Archan Age virtual online blessing sivali ritual for good luck and good fortune.

[Archan age chanting wicha sivali got opening  the wealth financial luck and for overcome all obstacles during this period]

Due to the current crisis ,this is the best time to do an online blessing in Thailand where ritual will be carried out by archan age in Thailand.

(Video and pic will be provided of archan age blessing with your picture)

Ritual wicha sivali Ruay Sup ritual (Milliionaire wealth ritual)

Archan age will chant the ritual using your

Picture name and date of birth.

Archan age can chant your luck wealth accumulation power and your Wealth financial Luck gets activated. 

The ritual consists of putting your picture in the center of many real money and on sivali Buddha cloth and blessing the Buddha to bless you for many wealth and good luck to the owner.

Archan age sivali ritual is good for:

*Good business luck and windfall luck

* It will also cover the ‘non earned’ methods like the investments into real estate, stocks & equity, inheritance as applicable which would translate into monetary gain for you.

* It will enhance the good periods when to push ahead to progress your career.

* Able to maintain your current career or business and overcome all Obstacles.

* Career or business progress professionally while increasing your financial gains.

*Able to increase good fortune and personal good luck.

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Information needed:

*Clear picture sent to me via Watsapp

* Name given in birth

* Date of Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time of birth

Pm or enquires: +6584994216
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Most hard to made amulet loop om nan loor oor for sucking wealth and enhance relationship purpose by Archan maha tana

How would you like to:

Be more approachable to the opposite sex?

Leave a lingering effect on those nearby?

Be more respected by members of the same gender?

Produce more chemistry with everyone you meet?                                              

 Fetch more wealth and luck into your life?

The most powerful wealth sucking and enhancer charm loop om made by Archan maha tana. The powder was given to him by an old master who lived in the montains at Cambodia.

Archan maha tana take the specila powder, made it into loop om ball and engrave yantra in it. It was also inserted with fengshui gems for good luck.

The loop om was soak inside the flower dok pit ku tong oil for one month and chanted for period of 3 months before it was finally completed Archan maha tana mentioned that this powder nan lor oor was hard to find and also the process for making it was very difficult.

 Archan maha tana loop om nan loor oor

According to Archan maha tana, the loop om nan lor oor would bring new romance, rekindle broken relationship and culminate better chances of marriage. This powerful love energizer would bring more passion in your relationship besides making you more attractive to the other party.It will create your love desire, thus enabling you to find your long term partner in life. The item will calm your nerves and the bad quarrelling chi could be dissolved automatically.

It will also bring good wealth luck and business luck to the owner . The loop om engrave yantra provides good networking luck, the fengshui gems counter against bad energy and attract abundance of food and money, the loop om nan lor oor also represents success and improvement, wealth and money.
After Wearing this loop om nan lor oor, you will get:

-More eye contacts and smiles from the opposite sex –

You will be found more sexually attractive

-More dates and sexual intimacy

-A rejuvenation of your current relationship

-More money and wealth luck

-The opposite sex will feel more relaxed and at ease with you

-The opposite sex will start up conversation with you

-Increase your self confidence

-Same sex will intuitively respect you

-Better business / employment relationships – Good sales and business luck

Don’t miss out on this great amulets. Price is only $148sgd only (limited pieces made)

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Miracle wealth and charming parakit doo sup by Archan em that can move itself and swim in water

(Archan Em)
Miracle Parakit by Archan em that can move and swim in water.
Special parakit doo sup handmade by Archan em using ancient Cambodia Subject and chanted with powerful spell given by his grandfather.
Wood made is mai mayong wood as it possessed strong magical power.
There is many miracles while blessing this batch of parakit by Archan em as witness by his disciples. 
While the parakit was placed on the plate while Archan em was blessing it, it row on the plate from right to left itself. It happen a few times during the blessing ceremony and many disciple was stunned which the video was even taken as prove that the parakit move by itself.
Another miracle was while the parakit was placed inside the water while Archan em was blessing and the parakit begin to move in the water. Swimming in the water, the disciple was yet stunned again.
See the miracle video of Archan em chanting parakit till it move itself at:
 Archan em Parakit doo sup for super wealth and charming


This parakit is effective for protection against threat of danger and poisonous animals
According to Archan em there is a secret way to use this parakit doo sup.
This parakit has ability to transform bad luck to good luck and sustain the good luck to last forever.
According to Archan em, whoever who wore this takrut will be able to transform his fate from bad into good. All bad things and misfortune will be remove from the body and the owner is consider to be similar to a king, header who have power, lucky in love and lucky in every aspects of all your lives.
Imagine yourself after wearing this amazing parakit in the pocket, your financial situations will starts to change, and are able attracting money and abundance into your life. Dozens of new opportunities will open up to you. Business and sales profit increase. Great picture isn’t it!!!!
This parakit can also increase charming and sex appeal to the owner who wore it.
Can be placed in the pocket or key chain for best effect.
This parakit can fulfill all owner wishes including:
You see yourself living in bounteous life – a life more than enough. It attracts money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rushes to you everyday.
Get this incredible Archan em parakit doo sup at: $88sgd only (limited pieces)

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Pet Paya Na or Naga Diamond, the colour gem that can bring good luck and improvement in all aspects of life to the owner!!!

(Wat pra jaw ya in ong tue  n Ubonratchatani Province)
Pet Paya Na or Naga Diamond – from Wat pra jaw ya in ong tue  In Ubonratchatani Province
Each  Naga Diamond there is one heart of god naga  to sharing name is “Thi bodee sri suttho”      these Naga diamond took from the cave that the Naga lived In the Khong river in Sakorn nakorn provice , the power of the Naka diamond had blessed by gods naka who lived in that cave and the Lersi had came to  bleesed together (story from the temple told us)
Those gods Naga are Disciple of the Buddha said will alive and  protect the  Buddhism for 5000 year now is only year B.E 2557 ,  we can see some Buddha statue behind with Naka call “Pra Nak Prok” (There wear naga since the period of the Buddha still alive those naga always to protected of the Buddha from all danger and always followed the Buddha went every where ) , that is why we can see all temples in Thailand there are the big image of The Naga on the way while going into the temple.
Must open from stone , there is a family of naga stay there for 300 years ago call temple  “ wat pra jaw yai ong tue ” , original Name of this god naga is “ Thi bodee sri suttho” naga,
There is a book that support this story, this book not temple made from the book store selling, these book talk about story of naka , After breaking open the stone , the gem must be placed in the holy water to cleanse it. This gem stone sometime able to give six sense to the user and also whisper to user if have danger.
(Phaya naga fireballs at Mekong river)
(The monk hitting the stone to extract the gems out from it)
(Naga diamond gems in different shape and sizes)
Colour of  Naga Diamond  meaning translated from the temple of Wat pra jaw in ong tue.
Yellow – for good luck , good business , call money , successful in every things, like the gold life , people respect , power  , work smooth , many supporters If who  wearing the yellow Naga diamond , will become like do more merit after wear it ,after that will even more good luck
Red -  for power , people respect , angry easy and hot temper after wear Red naka diamond will change to be good mood , smart in everything including business , strong six sense , make decision correct way, attract wealth fast
Pink – for metta mahaniyom, people love , charming , attractive opposite sex , man supporter
Purple – for protect from bad evil , bad spirits , danger, accident , black magic , absorb good things come to life
Orange -  for Protection ,   brave , protect   from all bad things ,destroy and  win the enemy and get rid  all bad stabbers
White – for the Buddha and god to protect , suitable for boost of confident in business, sensitive , good in doing meditation
Black  -  cover all aspects of life , hard to find , protect from all danger , evil black magic , attract wealth , healthy , call money , good business
Green – metta ,people love , good temper protection from all bad thing ,and deep respect by people
This are the real naga gem extracted out from the stone. Limited and rare and I personally hit the stone to extract the gems out.
Basically all people can wear any different colour gems and still feel the effect.
It is the highest manifestation of wealth and good luck in terms of power being the reason why it can generate maximum wealth opportunities. On the other hand, the Naga gems of the most powerful reign can invite wealth, fortune, luck for patriarch and networking luck. Last but not least, the natural gems is a universally endorsed wealth gem favor by the rich. This super wealth pot promises wealth, good fortune, windfall, riches and prosperity the owner.
Once you wear this, you can instantly feel the positive energy flowing to your body.Right away, you will feel more happy and more confident with the instant boost of energy.
This is all authentic which is very rare and hard to find.
Only limited pieces.
Price at only $138sgd (Per each gems)(comes in different shape and sizes)
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Famous and Renowned Master Fei Fei Back to Siamart (23 Feb 2012 and 18 March 2012)

Master Feifei aka Phatcharin Amnuaychaidilok from Hatyai Thailand, is known to most today, discovered that she possessed the ability to communicate with the spiritual world and she led a rather unusual life of practicing fortune telling using Thai ancient subject.

The powerful Thailand master who can read a person charater, past and present accurately by reading from a person’s date of birth.

Master Feifei offers a comprehensive and extensive range of consultation services to suit individual needs of clients, these include:

Analysis Services Of:
  • Annual Fortune
  • Financial Fortune
  • Marriage Compatibility
  • Career Development Potential
  • Business Opportunities and Development Potential
  • problem solving
Readings of
  • Palms
  • Date of birth
  • Household Fortune
  • Past Life and present.
Other Services :
  • Date Selection for Marriage
  • Praying to Phra Rahu for overcome all bad luck.
  • Interior Design
  • Placement of Deity/Table/Mattresses
  • Reduce of karma
  • Praying for daily Buddha for good luck
  • Praying and offering to babies due to abortion for reduce karma.

Fortune telling will be at $38sgd only per session

Book an appointment now at 96510220
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Open Daily (11am – 8pm)
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Date 23/02/12 – 18/02/12

Sakyant Yant Jingcheok Chop Luck

Sakyant yant jingcheok chop luck( gambling luck and wealth) on hand for super good gambling luck and wealth fetching luck.
Recomment for those who wish to have windfall luck in lottery and speculative luck in stocks investment and casino gambling luck.

This sakyant can be done both in oil (invisible) or in black ink.

Those who desire to seriously multiply their wealth, businesses and income luck should have this special sakyant done by great master lp suphasit.

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Special jingcheok sakyant who can whisper wealth opportunity and good luck to the owner (Superb Money and Wealth)

Archan ves has a special magic which he will tattoo a special jingcheok (lizard for wealth) onto the side of the left ear using special oil.

After that he will chant a special mantra to make the jingcheok alive and able to give good six sense to the owner.

According to Archan Ves, the jingcheok will whisper and give six sense to the owner regarding
1) Gambling luck (can be use in lottery and casino)
2) warning of danger
3) Six sense in attracting good customer for sales
4) wealth fetching opportunity

Special jingcheok tattoo by Archan ves has supernatural power about bring charm, sex appeal, wealth, luck and good things to a worshiper.

book an appointment now to get this ritual done by Archan ves

Before Archan ves go back to Thailand,

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