The amazing great monk Lp Pinak, Wat Sanamlao

lp pinak
(Luang Phor Pinak)

(Luang Phor Pinak)

Luang Pho Pinak, was born in Amper Tatan Janwad Utthaitani  on the 1st of March 2456 (1913) and was described as a outgoing young man that loves to enjoy life and live care free. As a young man he was also known to be afraid yet at the same time interested in the topic of ghost and spirits/spirituality thus decided to embark his journey as a monk looking to find answers.


He finally ordained in the year 2481 under LP Sin (A senior monk in the province with over 70 pansas/years of monkhood) in Wat Nong Tao also in Utthaitani, he was 25 years of age. After passing his pali and Buddistic exams he moved on to Wat Patsutawa Janwad Sarkon Nakorn where he would meet his main preceptor Luang Pu Mun Buritatoe and would follow him for the next 42 years in tudong (forest monkhood).


LP Pinak along with fellow students of the great Arjan Mun would travel (Via walking) far and wide with nothing but their alms bowls and robes to a total of five countries including Burma, Laos, Cambodia even as far as India where they visited all the known Buddistic locations in their quest for pilgrimage and to learn and progress in their quest to reach higher realms during meditation.

During his journey back to/in Thailand he would raise funds to build temples (30 in total) throughout Thailand the more notable ones being

-          Wat Tan Sulatkang Janwad Nakorn Si Tammarat

-          Wat Tan Quay Janwad Petchaboon (Where earlier amulets were produced)

-          Wat Sanamlao (His final temple and location where he attained Arahanghood)


LP Pinak relocated to Saraburi in 2527 and would build his last temple Wat Sanamlao which was completed in 2530 and would spend his last 19 pansas (rain retreats) there before attaining Arahanghood (A state where one is completely detached to the material world) on the 13 of November 2545 at 0514hrs.


LP Pinak was known to be one of Thailand’s greatest mediation masters having learnt meditation from perhaps the greatest masters of all time Luang Pu Mun Buritoe, and being closer associates with Luang Ta Mahabua of Wat Pla Bundat Janwad Udonthani, was above to achieve high levels of mediation concentration reaching higher realms. This along with wiccha (magic) that LP Pina learnt over 42 years of being a forest monk enabled him to create some of the most powerful amulets ever made. Having built 30 temples, LP Pinak also accumulated a lot of merits (Boon) which is another factor that leads to the ability of creating good amulets.

Being able to attain high levels of meditation LP Pinak also obtained additional wiccha taught to him by a Deva (during his meditation in a higher realm) called Prah Palimard or Prah Sood. Namely The Dao (Star amulets), Duang Tar Pattien, Palakid Hua Chamut, Palakid Ling Tong Kum, Yoni, Tarkruts Debuk and several other deva or Buddha amulets which are  very sought after today.


LP Pinak was weak and always sick when he was young, thus, his parents thought he did bad karma in last born. They finally decided to send him to a temple – Wat Nomdao , looked for LP Shin. They were advised by LP Shin , to change name Tatwai to Pinak. LP Shin chanted for him and asked him become a monk when he had grown up and take care of his temple. He promised to LP Shin and slowly he became healthier. His father got ill and passed away year2481, then he buak samanen( became small monk) as he not over 20-year-old. He chant and meditate every day to gain merit of his father. When he was reach 20 , he buak phra ( became real monk) at Wat Nomdao (LP Shin passed away that time). He was given name Phra Pinak ,BiyatTaro ( Thai call Char Ya) . First , he thought just be monk for 5 days , so that could help his mother working and taking care of siblings. But , his mother asked him buak phra 20 days. During those 20days, villagers invited him to chanting and praying for death people (died of stomach disease) . The death body was operated and the inner parts of stomach was visible, that was the first time LP Pinak saw the whole process to operate the stomach. That time no formalin (one type of medicine that preserve death body, the death body very smelly. He was scared and he decided to move to other temple as he didn’t want to see death body. He moved to another temple, but still he saw they did the same thing to dead body and he decided to move to others temple again. Again, he moved to one temple, there was a master , Lungpo taught him that ,every death body sure will be operated and that was the nature thing happened , he was advised to get USED TO this kind of situation. He realized and he trained to look at the death body every day . After one month , he decided to be monk forever, and the temple is Wat Kot TeiPo ( Changwat, Chainat) . He went back to Wat Nomdao and he told his mother that he decided to become monk forever. He was furthering his study in monk field. After he graduated, he went to Wat TangTaGor , looked for LP Pao and LP Pong. Its took 5 days 6 nights to arrive the temple. When he arrived, villagers told him that they passed away long time ago , left LP Un and LP Dam. He continued study and learn at this temple with those two masters.


BE 2484, war within Japan and Thailand . All Thai army are wearing Thai amulets to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Japan army are planning to boil the amulet and eat the amulet as they thought this could protect them .Villagers heard about the news and Lp Pinak’s mother also knew about that , but she misunderstood that Japanese going to kill Thai army and boil them. She sick and become crazy as she was too worried. They had to lock her inside the room, Lp Pinak got the news and he went back home as well as asked his brothers to send their mother to hospital. He asked his brother to become monk , and sell the all the property so that had enough money for medical fees of their mother. His brother also became monk at Wat Nomdao . They brought their mother to Wat TangTaGor( Changwat, Lopburi). There was a master , Arjan Phong, he cured their mother and she was recovered within 15 days but there was new sickness , her leg got inflammation .LP Pinak was sad and he thought maybe that was sickness of her bad karma of last born. He discussed with her mother , donated all the money of the property sold to build a temple  and they finally bought 31 acres of land. They asked LungBu Man and LungBu Sao , LungTa Mahabua ( student of LB Man and LB Sao ) . Lungbu Man gave him teaching about 1 month,  LP Pinak planned TUDONG( meditation and looking for new Arjan or masters.) He went to Laos , India, Chambodia and others countries to look for great masters and learn from them. He did meditation and praying sincerely all the way. He became a great master and back to Thailand. After Tudong , he came to Wat Senumlao ( Changwat Saraburi) .

Villagers invited him to stay at that Wat and continue build the Wat( That time Wat Senumlao still small and old). He stayed there for 19 years and all villagers believed him so much. He got lot of devotees and supporters as well as students. BE 2545, he found out lung’s cancer and left one side . He knews that he is incurable, he went back to temple on 13th . On 14th, they had meeting and he arranged all the jobs to other monks. After meeting, he meditate and he passed away during meditation.

Before he passed away, he ordered monks keep his death body without formalin and put there for 10 years. After 10 years, thundering on his death body.


Lp Pinak meditation methods is by looking at death body , and divided the death body . He asked all other monks to see the death body so that they knew the nature of human . They kept repeating this way of methods and do meditation and kept lot of death bodies. He was planning to build temple and needed to make amulets . During his meditation , he saw the star and eyes, and God Jelumtan want him make Palakit Hua ChakMuk ( Palakit Animal Head using wood) . Gods and spirits of death body asked Lp Pinak used their body to make amulets. The spirit hope they could help others with their power and they hope they would receive merits.

Death bodies that were dried used to make powder and oils. Lucky Star ( Daong) and Eye (Duan ta) were made of these bodies and woods. Those amulets are not black-magic but it is the highest meditation method which the master could do. The amulets consisted of human fresh, meaning spirits are inside. Thai people believe the amulets very powerful and bring luck to them. But they must respect the spirituals and when wearing , can’t wear together with other Gods amulet ( such as Phra Prom,  Lershi and etc ).


you can wear at waist and If you want to wear at neck, never wear with other amulets with Buddha image.


Lp Pinak had made several types of amulets namely –

1.Star ( Daong)

2.Eye (Duang Ta)



5.Mit Mo ( Knife)

6.Phra Somdej

7.Luk Ong

8.Phra BaraMak

and etc…





The most famous and that i knew are star ( Daong ) , eye( Duang ta) and Palakit.

1.Star ( Daong)

Various patterns :

a. Daong Zhom Phom , some people named it as Daong Nai Phom .

b. Daong Mer Ner Hom ( Early Batch )

c. Daong Mer Nam Hom ( Later Batch )

d. Daong Reang

e. Daong Nai Pham

f. Daong Nai Sik( Got 2 sizes, big and small)


2.Eye( Duang Ta)

a. 1st edition

b. 2nd edition


3. Palakit

a. Palakit normal head

b. Palakit animal head ( Hua Che Mok)

–elephant tusk ( Nga Chang)

–black wood ( Mai Niu Dan )

–high quality wood ( Mai Sak)

–wood from deep sea ( Mai Galak BanHa)

Palakit also contain of natural gemstones ,

Tongue made of copper, red color ( Ton Den), some made of brass, yellow color (Ton Liang), silver and last made of gold( Ton Kam).




Daong Zhom Phom (Star Amulet) , some people named it as Daong Nai Phom .


The 1st edition , made of several kinds of extraordinary wan ( thai herbal) – Lp Pinak kept at moutain when learning local and other countries. Also contains of 12 extraordinary power woods ( altam ), KaosanHin( Rice that became stone), flesh of human( men or women) ,oil from death body .


90% consists of human flesh and oil. At that time Lp Pinak is not lack of this ingredients , so consists just little bit of other (10%)herbal ,stones and woods.

Size approximately 3-4 cm (wide) , 4-5cm(length),1-1.5cm( height), original gemstones(few color) , strong smell ( special smell ). One side got star and moon , another side got star with leaf.


Very powerful amulets as its consists of 90% of human body parts.

Few hundred pieces only , not for sales, only for the villagers who donated money and help the temple . Hardly to get and very expensive


Daong Mer Ner Hom

Consists of same ingredients as Daong Zhom Phom .80% of human ingredient. One side got star (5 horns)5 small balls and 1 big ball, one side got star( 8 horns), 8 small balls and 1 big balls. It do not consist of gemstones.

One more edition are water-drop shapes and others are same .

Few hundred pieces only , not for sales, only for the villagers who donated money and help the temple . Lower price than Daong Zhom Phom,but higher than Daong Mer Nam Home.Still consider very expensive.


Daong Mer Nam Hom

Consists of less (70%)human ingredients. Others ingredient similar with other stars. One side is star( 5 horns) 6 gemstones and leaf, another side is star(8 horns) and 8 gemstones and leaf. Some may not consists of gemstones. Shake it you will hear bell ringing as inside got one small bell.

Few hundred pieces only , not for sales, only for the villagers who donated money and help the temple . Still can get from villagers and devotees.


Daong Reang

Daong Raeng and Daong Nai Pham quite similar. Only one different is , Daong Raeng both side stars are covered with one more layer of star made of loha ( metal in color),both star different color yellow and silver color.60% of human ingredients. Others ingredients are same. Daong Raeng were made as that time army or policemen wishing to get promoted . Lp Pinak first made Daong Nai Pham, he no idea what to do help them to get promoted , then he decided to cover the original star with one layer one loha star , means LEVEL UP.

Daong Reang got 2 types , one is not frame , another one is with metal( gold ) frames , both hard to get but with frames more expensive .Both consists of small bell.

Few hundred pieces only , not for sales, only for villagers , esp army and policemen. While, Daong Raeng mostly for army and policemen .


Daong Nai Sik( Got 2 sizes, big and small)

Same ingredient with others, but very least of human ingredients. Some got gemstones, some not . Some of villagers also paint it and fill it with gemstones. Corner clearly saw a small hole that they insert small bell into the star. Still can get in market but not so easy to find as well.

Big and small are same but small especially for women. Most of it not framed. Some also covered with another layer of loha star. Easily get the fake Daong Nai Sik.


Way to check the genuine and fake star

1. Shake it , you can hear bell ring sound.

2. Check it with magnet, stones from rice make it magnetic.

3. Corner got small hole where bell inserted and filled it again.


Daong help in business, family , jobs , and etc. Effective for all. Good comments of Lp Pinak’s amulets not only from the local but also foreigners, as Lp Pinak was a good Master . He always do donation and meditation. His generous and kind- hearted as well as extraordinary power bring good luck to everyone who believe him and love him.


Duang Ta ( Eye Amulet)

Lp Pinak , make in two temple , Wat Ta Quay and Wat Sanamlao .

Duang Ta LP Pinak , Wat Sanomlao , divided into 2 batch,

1st batch – Divided into 2 patterns , 1st, Alphabet inside eye is capital letter ,most of them got gemstones and gold cases original from temple . Ingredients same as Daong Mer Ner Hom, contain of human parts, 12kinds of herbal thai ,kaoshandan, Kaoshanhin ( stone of rice , can refer back to daong ingredients as before.) Mix with clay but not bake as normally other amulet will bake ; Because if the ingredient like human and herbal thai bake , there will become less powerful. So Lp Pinak decided not to bake. You can try to check the skin , its brown color and wood contain is visible. Some of amulet is oily but some not. Duang Ta also magnetic but is lesser .

LP Pinak not sell DuangTa but just gave to villagers and others who offer help as well tabung at temple.


Duang Ta are suitable for everything. Kids are encouraged to wear this as its good for study and learning. Adults wear for clear sight , can see far . Kaoshanhim is rice meant prosperity and enough eat and use forever. Human flesh for spiritual power , extraordinary power. Herbal meants natural good thing , hard to get , good for metta , business and etc.

If you rent Duang Ta, must always do merits and chant Lp Pinak’s katha , not only for praise for LP but also spiritual that help .

2nd pattern- Duang Tan with small alphabet inside eye. Some of it size smaller than 1st . Ingredients all same as the 1st .


2nd Batch – Ingredient different from the 1st batch , contain only herbal thai. Some come with gold cases and gemstones some are not. Skin also different.


Some famous amulets by lp Pinak: