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Using Thai ancient subject for forecast astrology reading using planets in the universal. 1 year reading or more. The powerful master who can read a person charater, past and present accurately by reading from a person’s date of birth and time of birth.

Master tham is well verse in the knowledge of traditonal thai ancient astrology method and ancient fengshui studies.  He offers a comprehensive and extensive range of consultation services to suit individual needs of clients.

these includes:

Analysis Services Of:

– Annual Fortune

– Financial Fortune for the year.

– Marriage Compatibility.

– Career Development Potential.

– Business Opportunities and Development Potential.

– Problem solving and forecast event using leafs

– Household Fortune.

– Date of selection for marriage, opening shop or moving house.

– Fengshui consultation for home and shop houses.

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Benefits of Thai astrology Fortune reading 

– A deep understanding about yourself is the starting point to succeed in what you do. An individual who understand their traits, passion and talents improve their chances to do well in life and achieve goals.

– Thai astrology chart Birth Configuration classification, generic personality traits, characteristics, strengths & weaknesses

– Elaborate Personality Traits, the key to alter your Destiny

– Personality match with Career, general direction,
business industry and type
– Your wealth, how to settle problems regarding financial issue.
– Your Relationships, who can help you better
– Your guai ren. People who can support you.
– Identify the golden period of your life, when you can go
full force out in life.
– Compatible business partner if you intend to start your own business
– Your education level, if you will reach that achievement level.
– Your benefactor, Overseas business opportunities.
– Your lucky and unlucky color, which color suits you.
– Your best timing which months, time slot to
ask for promotion, career switch, major decisions in life.
– Your life tips to improve your luck and get rid
of all misfortunes.
– The turning points of your life. If bad which are the years to
look out for.
– When you will met your soulmate and also when you
will get married in life
– Your strengths/weaknesses, marriage inclination
and your future trend example career path to
take in the future.
For love matters, Can’t stop thinking about him/ her? Wishing you were together? Get insights into what he’s thinking with a thai astrology reading and find out if you two will be together again. 

Testimonials from real people with success stories after having consultation by Master Tham:


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Testimonials from clients 


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Last few years, life had been a struggle and I face many badstabbers and conflict at work. Luck has been really down till i found master tham who had advise me and recommended ways to improve my luck and solving all the conflict problems at work. I’m happy to say that now my life had improve for the better and i feel more positive about my life. Just last week i had strike a small amount of  lottery 4d also. I highly recommended any people who faced problems and needed their life to improve to visit master tham. He will be able to guide you in the directions you desire to go.

– Mr Goh






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