Kruba Keow Mah tah tip pra pong pid sa nah tham (open third eye) (For super good luck and wealth) (Highly recommended)



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The Final batch of amulets ever made by Kruba Keow Mah Two months before the great monk passed away in year 2007. A super powerful amulet that is highly recommended by the Thai people and kruba keow mah looksit.

Kruba Keow Mah tah tip pra pong pid sa nah tham (open third eye) (For super good luck and wealth)

This is a very special amulet made and blessed by kruba keow mah, 2 months before he passed away. The final batch of special amulets ever blessed by kruba keow mah. Also extra blessed by lp sawat together with him.

Pra pong duang tah tip , pra pong pid sa nah tham , meaning open the third eyes, in front at the center feature the yantra a nah lom or yant koa, for succeed ,finance will be good, not be in debt and successful in every thing that you do.

The central yantra is encircle by fire for protection against all evil and bad things in life,  it also consists of 4 element (earth , wind , fire and water), for sermduang (meaning to always increase your luck)

Behind has the ever so popular Oom character (tae wa nah ka ree) original from Hindu .

In hindu there were 3 gods = pra siva , pra Brahma and Narayana (call tri mu ra ti thep =3 gods)

Pra narayana is the best of Bramanism, have the power of ma a ou and is keow sam pra karn , Oom is first word of subject of bramanism or subject of lersi.

Oom in the center is able to cumulate the magic and power to make the amulet super powerful, so this pra pong tah tip is so power full for increase of luck and money.

Surrounding to the yantra oom is the word look like the glass wall, there are 7 levels for protecting the user from all bad things and evil (total 8 direction) behind the glass wall is circle look like roe (16 circle) the meaning is the god number is 16 is the best number , for good luck , succeed ,call money for the owner and be successful in everything.

Important ingredients which is worth ten times the orginial price:

1) Hair belong of kruba keow mah.

2) Blood belong of kruba keow mah for protection, kruba keow always protect the user and blessed the user with good luck and fortune.

3) Fingernail belong of kruba keow, like kruba keow always hold the user in his hand , protection from bad thing and evil.

4) Robe of kruba keow, symbolize like the glass wall 7 leve, l protecting the user all time.

5) Chan mak water , for super powerful communication and persuaion

6) Powder of old joss stick ..for making a wish,every thing will come true.

7) Rice from monk’s alms-bowl , that kruba keow ate not finish , for not poor , not be in debt, always have food to eat all time.    The special amulet by kruba keow mah is the ultimate solution to just about any problem for anybody might face in life.

 Very limited pieces is made for this tah tip pra pong pid sa nah tham amulets.  Remember that this batch of amulets is the final batch of amulets ever made by kruba keow mah before he passed away. so you will never, and i mean never able to get another piece same made by him again after it is sold out.

Price at only $98sgd (ADD TO CART)

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Weight 1.00 g

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