Archan Eknarin Yannaweero


Phra Archan Eknarin Yannaweero

wat mae thao Hai, Chiangmai

The great Phra Archan Eknarin, orindated as a monk at wat Hway keang, Amper Sansai , Chiangmai. He was well verse and able to read Lanna language ,  When he was young, he Learn Lanna magicial subject from his grandfather, such as Protection , metta mahaniyom , get rid ghost from body, and cleansing of house. He also learned magic from a lot of other great master including -  learn magic from Por Kru THong dee , Ban Sansailuang, Chiangmai, learn do candle increase luck , remove black magic, remove ghost from body

– learn charm from POr noi Panya , Ban NongKhongkao, Chiangmai, who had 8 wifes , learn metta charming from this master.

– learn press goil foil metta charming call “Longthong Thai yai”  with Por Sang Jing, Ban Huadong, Chiangmai

– Learn Siwalee subject for opening luck wealth on hand subject with Por Nangthong , Ban Lao , Chiang mai

One of the most popular master in Chiangmai for doing great and beautiful sakyant. All Sakyant is done as beautiful piece of art and also powerful.

Everyday many devotees visit Wat mae thao Hai to seek help from the master Archan Eknarin.