Kruba oor



Kruba Oor is a well-known guru monk in the north of Thailand who was once a soldier of Shan (an ethnic group in Myanmar). KB Or is a guru monk who has a sacred tattoo of being invulnerable on his head which was tattooed by “Jowfa Saeng Chiang”, the king of Shan when KB Or was a soldier at age 20.

Kruba Oor is an abbot of Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae in Chiang Mai Province, he is 94 years old. He was born in B.E. 2463 (C.E. 1920) in Myanmar. In fact, he is Shan, an ethnic group in Myanmar living in the mountain near Thailand – Myanmar border. He began monkhood as a novice when he was 7 – 15. Then he resigned to be a soldier to serve the nation in World War II. After that, he got ordained again that the Buddhist Patriarch of Shan officiated ordination for him. After ordination, he learnt magic from many senior monks in the north. He keeps on magic of Shan. He collected magical knowledge until he became an expert. Kruba Oor is the master of metta mahaniyom and wealth.