Archan Suriya

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Archan suriya had been monk since 21 year old , 18 feb 2535 at Suansawarn temple ,  Amper Piboon mungsaharn , Ubonratchatnai The master who ordinated for him is Pra kru wimon thammasophit

Archan suriya is talented and had learned: meditation , learn yant eisan subject ,cambodian subject , suport luck subject 4 element from Pra maha Suban Kuttajito (Original from Somdet lun subject) this Pra maha Subad had recomend Archan suriya to know the great Lp Khambu Kuttajito.lp khambu the recommended archan suriya to another great master Yah tarn suan Chantaro” since that time archan suriya started learn subject with these 2 master , sometime archan suriya went in the deep of the foreset to do Meditation , and one time while tudong in many province he had met the lersi who wear white cloth (this lersi learn from original LP Mun Phooritastho subject) ,at Amper Piboonmungsaharn, this lersi got teach him , lek lai subject , god subject , mineral subject good in protection , wealth , money , metta mahaniyom , and he had to travel and tudong by foot to so many cave , and also learned forecast follow lp Mun Phooritastho original subject ,and meditation subject lp mum style. After that he go tudong to Thambon , Nam klun , Amper Pratat Pranom ,

In Nakornpanom province  , he had met white shirt master name is “Dee” had give the top of “Pra tat Panom and lek lai wet to him” , had teach strong protection subject to him

– then learn from Lp khampan in metta mahalap , pra Ching thammatinno (nephew of lp khampan) had teach him “Dung Yant Wa Pha subject” , good in support luck , weath , metta mahaniyom  , original subject by Lp Khampan

– learn Pah khao kong maa (white naka ) subject , pah khao wan dee (black naka ) , Pah khao sanam (red naka ) then went to “Phoo pha lek ” wat Bahtonnongbua , Amper Waritchaphoom , in Sakonnakorn province , learn subject of Naka (this province that thai ppl beleave there are real naka live there) , learn lek lai subject , the same time go met ” Pu lersi Pet Dam” and learn Krop Sain Pet Chalu kan suject

-then go learn with old police who retired and had learned tattoo sakyant , blow hade (follow somdet lun , lp mum) , this old police is master tatoo who is very famous in eisan

now stay in  Putta satarn Wat Lp Khambu kuttajitho  , branch 1 , Ban Pak Huay Khen , Thambon Khong Jeam , Ubonratchatani , and is close assistant of lp kambu

Archan suirya is now the master of doing various ritual like sakyant opening luck tattoo, blessing of good luck, fortune telling and metta subject.