Archan Age


Archan age , currently age 39 from the north of Thailand.
At age 18 ,  archan age went to province surin and had learn many magic subject from
grand master archan chad in sakyant and all wealth magical suject.
Then  archan age travel to the south side to learn magic again from father archan khun nan in attraction and charming saney magic.
Father khun nan is famous in the south for his magicial saney charming magic.
After a few years leRNING under archan khun nan, he travelled to trang city and in search for a master archan tren to learn futher enhance saney magic nanathong and windfall luck magicial subject.
Archan age is most famnous and powerful in his sakyant as he tattoo using the ancient traitional method to produce beautiful sakyant designs. His sakaynt art work is not only neat and beautiful, they are also lively and vigorous.Arcahn age put in hours of dedicated hard work and concentration to make sure the sakyant is precise, beautiful and powerful.
Usually when chanted, the power of the sakyant will become active and most people will get into a trance.
Archan age is also famous in drawing handwritten patyant and makeing special amulets.