Lersi Payak Kham Racha Nam man prai saney oil (Charm ex lover back and multi purposes)

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The most powerful multi purpose nam man prai oil ever made by the great lersi payak kham racha.
He was the powerful master had learned magical subject from his father and grandfather at a young age. He also had travel to cambodia and learned many magical subject from other great masters.

This powerful oil was made With 6 spirits from northern of Thailand, Nam man prai oil taken from chin (original Nam man prai subject) of 5 pregnant girls.
One more extra special nam man prai was taken from the body of a man who when he was still alive, he was a flirtatious man and had lots of girlfriends who even had an girlfriends which was 14 years old at that time who stay together with him in the same town. Till 60 year old his old wife which was rich stay at the same house fed him and gave him money.
so strong was the attraction of this guy till he was killed and passed away.

Lersi payak kham said that this was the perfect combination mixture of both Nam man prai of Men/ woman + bone
powder belong of 6 spirits

The other ingredients mix into the oil including: 
– Takrut drew by hand while lersi was blessing these takut “na meun na sen na lan ruay ruay yant” for wealth , call money , increase good luck and windfall luck. 

– Another 10% from all ingredient master mix together with Charm herbs and charm flower
such as wan dok thong male and female , wan jong nang , wan Kamin khoa, wan chang pasom khong , wan 500 nang (500 girls ) , wan na nathong , wan putta kwuck ,and another charm herbs total 108 types

– Ya fek powder , if this put this powder and feed people , they will be under the spell of the user and obey him/her.

– Sa nae hah powder (charm powder )

– pollen of dok thong herbs

– powder of pollen of rak sorn flower , this rak sorn flower got 5 level and super rare to find (rak sorn meaning is so many lover at the same time ) , wahn kalong flower 

Charm Subject that use blessed these Nam man prai oil
– sa nae kha mae subject
– sa new meang fah subject
– sub jit subject (absorb heart of lover )
– sane lersi 5 ong
– mae kham mee (pee fah subject) 
– sane meung pee (city of ghost subject )
– aut ta vet boran 5000 years subject 

Lersi Pa yak kham had blessed these NMP for 1 month started first day of full moon till the next full moon for the next month.

According to lersi payak kham racha, this oil was the most powerful he ever made and so powerful that it can used for multi purposes.
– Attractive and charming of both opposite sex and same sex (For those gay/lesbian)
– Those who have no girl friend /boy friend and always bad luck in love life will improve love life and attract soulmate.
– call back and charm back ex lover
– Improve in current relationship for those who always had problems with their lovers.
– Save back a broken marriage or relationship.
– Activate your financial support luck for money finding opportunities, attract customer for sales and business, good for gambling and winning at casino,lottery and able to fufill all the owner heart desires.

Special ways to use this nam man prai:
>>>>The way to use <<<<<<

1. Applied on the people or lover for making them be attracted back to you.
This method will be a sure way to break up an existing third party relationship from your partner.

2. Applied on the wrist of the user (for travel anywhere people will love and easy to find money ) , center of palm when the user is holding the hand of the lover, the spirits of NMP will absorb the heart of lover /bf/girl friend to come be with heart of the user and love the user forever.
The girl using – able to applied on center of boobs/ breast for attractive man/girl and for make lover crazy in her.

3. Applied on the eyelid of the user for enhance and improvement of stronger six sense

4. Able to do water proof casing for the bottle of NMP , able to wear on the pocket wear and acts like a charming amulets and able to fulfill the owner’s wishes.

This oil is forfeited from applying on the lips or forehead

Please don’t miss out on this special nam man prai oil by lersi payak kham as this will be the only time it is limited made.
Let him know right away as people have already started contacting me and I expect it to be sold out fast.

Special method and mantra will be taught to the user for using this amulet for best effective result!!!
Don’t miss out !!!

Price is only $158sgd only (limited bottles left)

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