Kruba keow mah Pra Pidta Maha baramee 30 tat with bone powder of 16 Great Monks 2546 (doubling of good luck, proetction and wealth)



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The unique quality of this Phra pidta is that below it is mixed with bone powder of 16 holy famous monks from around thailand.
So according to kruba keow mah, wearing this pra kring is equal to protection and blessing of good luck from 16 different monks.

The Bone powder of holy 16 monks are:
1. lp promma jirapunyo , wat banding yen , udorntani
2. lp waen sujinno , doi mae pung temple , cheangmai ,
3. lp fun ajaro , sakornnakorn
4. lp sim puttajaro , thumpapong temple ,cheangmai
5. lp don , burapah temple surin
6. lp taed taed rung see , hinmakpaeng temple , nongkai
7. lp chop tanasamo , loey
8. lp cha supatto , nongpahpong temple ..
9. lp lah khaempatto , mukdaharn
10. Somdet mahamunee wong , bowronnat temple , Bangkok
11. lp khao ananyo , udontani
12. lp boonjan tamalo , udontani
13 lp lue sukpunyo ,mukdaharn
14. lp lee titathammo . haewluek temple , sakonnakorn
15. lp aun , doibundai sawan temple
16. lp khampong , thamkokdoo temple , nongbualampoo

The back of Phra pidta is also inserted with a amulet of Phra na prok for extreme good luck, protection and good wealth luck to the owner.

During the major ceremony at year 2546, a total of 9 monks were involve in the chanting of this phra pidta Maha baramee 30 tat.
The monks were:
1) Kruba keow mah wat rongdoo 2) Kruba ong, wat sang tong wit 3) Kruba noi, wat tomdai 4) Kruba sangoup, wat namlom 5) Kruba jitna, wat siboonlet 6) Kruba Ree, wat pra tat mon silah art 7) Lp sawat, wat GaSatSook 8) Kruba tai ong .Wat Don koo kai keow 9) Kruba kampai, wat pattajom krai
According to kruba keow mah, this phra pidta maha baramee 30 tat can solve all problem of all people who are facing many difficulties in life. This Phra Pidta is able to solve all bad things in life, including getting rid against lawsuits, legal problems, disturbances from police or political forces.
This phra pidta is for doubling the effect of luck, such as doubling the magnitude of wealth, happiness and success. Phra pidta can help in growth potential, especially auspicious to generate career enhancement, promotional luck, multiplication in business opportunities, doubling of wealth resources and doubling of good fortune for the family. This Phra pidta also is excellent for super protection against all evil and bad things in life.
This Phra pidta with na prok at the back will multiply other sources of income, ignite elective income and make you leap to attain higher achievement.
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