Archan maha tana saney charming oil dok tong



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Archan maha tana saney charming oil dok tong

The strongest charming oil made by the greta Archan maha tana. Mix with many special love herbs and a heart and soul cathing yantra takrut inside the charming oil.
Archan maha tana created and hard blessed this charming oil with the method of strong charming subject from Myanmar.
He chanted it for 3 months during the full moon period on a monday for enhance power in attraction and saney.
Method to use is to apply on forehead and eyebrown for strong charming and opposite sex attraction.

According to Archan maha tana the owner who used this oil will produces invisible power of love, bewitching and enchanting seductive magnetism, which draws romance into ones life. They correspond to the passionate progression of: smiling at the beloved, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, embracing and kissing, and sexual union.

The person who used this oil will become super-successful in sales and/or marketing and dramatically increase your powers of persuasion! Make others love you!

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Weight 1.00 g

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