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Picture yourself now living the perfect life that you desire and have everything that you truly desire at this moment in time. You feel like you are the luckiest person on earth because nobody else has what you have. You experience so much joy and fulfillment that many only dream of and everybody crave being with you. Now you can by using this special handmade takrut by lersi payak called Takrut dok tong kum lak.

Orginial subject from khmer for attracting love and wealth. This takrut can increase your personal charisma in a genuine way that earns the very real respect of both men and women.

Lersi payak hand written this takrut the yantra dok tong (charming flower) at an auspicious timing during the full moon and chanted it with a period of 3 months. Then he mixed inside the takrut 108 bone powder which is the important ingredients because it can help the owner be popular in whatever he do and the spirits help in attraction of love and wealth to the owner.

According to lersi payak, the owner who wear this takrut can easily develop lightning-fast bond and rapport and create interest and intrigue in your target. He could turn on the chemistry whenever and with whoever YOU want. Nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from moving forward if the owner wear this takrut.

Only made 28 pieces.

Before this piece is completely sold out for good,

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