Yinku doll (lover meung thom) by Lp Noi and Lp Jan ,Wat Pah Donpradoo , Sakornnakorn

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Yinku doll (lover meung thom) by Lp Noi and Lp Jan ,Wat Pah Donpradoo , Sakornnakorn
The image of the lover hugging and sitting on the skull, made by original subject of LP Jan from Cambodia
(is Neang Salan Subject, those who used Neang Salan Oil and Neng Salan takut belong of Lp Jan will know how effective it is)

This amulet is able to make a wish for love life , those who are single or attached, call soul mate to life and for those who always faced bad luck in love life.

These yinku doll been strongly blessed for a total of 3 ceremony.

– 1st time before Lp Jan had passed away,Lp noi gave all this batch to Lp Jan , and LP Jan Had blessed in the Centre of the old Cambodian castle for a total of 7days

– 2nd time blessed for 7days by Lp Sawat from Phayao who is very famous in Nang Ram Rai subject” is original Cambodian subject

Lp Noi mentioned that when lp Jan blessed the amulets at the first time is very strong power because Thai and Cambodian People who use Lp Jan Amulets before know well how powerful Lp Jan possessed and why he must gave these 2 Lp blessed first because each Luangpu is very strong in charm subject but they have own charm subject and different

(Lp Jan is original Cambodian subject , Lp Sawat is original Lanna Subject) so after finish blessed by 2nd times this yinku became very strong because had mix together with 2 subject by both famous master ”

– 3rd time Lp Noi had blessed for 2 years by himself alone at his own temple

Ingredient made by :

1. Old hook powder 2000 year for control mind people , control lover like under magic of the user , good in metta , people treat the user good , people love and also able to call back ex lover , ex boyfriend , ex girlfriend , call soul mate , call lover , wealth , this hook already used before for super long time and pass many ritual wai ku day at Cambodia for many times , same as the hook able to control big animal like Elephant.

2. Soil from Mae Tor ra nee total from 7 cemetery , these is special ingredient for control mind people , lover ,boss , worker , call lover , call soul mate , call back lover ,call back girl friend , call back boy friend when make a wish , think of the Mae tor ra nee ,the wish will come true faster

3. Prom Prai Powder (ashes of real bone belong of couple who pass away together and been together until pass away total many couple from Meung thom , Cambodia ) for eternal love Forever , be together foreve , suitable for who always experience pain in Love life, no lover, searching for new lover, call soul mate,make the opposite sex treat you better in a relationship and enhance a current good relationship to be even better in near future preventing from having problem and breaking up.

4. Most Special Ingredient is “Pure Nam Mon Prai Neang Salan No mix original from hand Lp Jan , Cambodai ” who use the NMP Neng salan 59 spirits belong of Lp Jan . LP Jan had give some Pure Nam Mon Prai Neang Salan to Lp Noi Before Lp Jan Passed away, lp Noi had mix this Pure NMP Neang Salan together will all ingredient for super strong charming , metta , mahaniyom, all people will love. This ingredient is also suitable for gay/lesbian use.

5. Charm herbs such as Wan dok thong , wan nan glom (many girl ard) ,wan saw long (girl crazy) ,wan sane jan, wan chang pasom khong, wan mahaniyom, lp Noi had blessed these charm herbs by “Mon paya tae krua, kata Maha Sakod (for control mind people) , kata call soul mate /call lover , kara Jaw choo pra too Din (flirt kata)
lp noi had slowly blessed these kata onto charm herbs one by one types ”

6. Yant na Long Lai Powder , Yant reak jit pi chi jai powder (yant control mind , tie mind People like under the magic of the user ) , Ma ha sakod Powder (control mind people) , rak kan jon wan tai powder (love forever )

7. Ka fak rak powder , mai rak tai prai Powder , rak sorn powder (many lover) , Mai Ma yom wood dead by lighting

This amulet yinku doll will help to bring back passion into your marriage or relationship, You get to naturally attract the opposite sex and have a satisfying love life! It increase your personal charisma in a genuine way that earns the very real respect of both men and women.

This love enhancer is recommended as a potent love enhancer used to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This yinku doll would definitely make the wearer more attractive than before, thus inviting the opposite sex into their lives.
Can be wore both in the pants pocket or neck.

Special method will be taught to the user for using this amulet for best effective result!!!

Don’t miss out !!!
Price is only $98sgd

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Weight 1.0 g

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