Luang Pu Noi orginial Silver Takrut Saney Meung Thom (Wealth and attraction to owner)

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Greatest takrut saney meung thom made by lp noi for calling love and money to the user.

Special subject takrut saney meung thom made by lp noi

Back in the olden days, lp Noi and lp jan learned the charming subject together from their master and thus lp noi use the same subject to made into this powerful charm takrut. This takrut is call saney meung thom, the best for calling money and lover to be the people. This takrut is handwritten by Lp Noi and is made from real silver takrut.

Inside is stuffed with many old ingredients including :

– Ash bone

– Kot cha koot

– Hook powder 200 years (for control mind and lover as it is able to control elephants)

– Mahaphoot ash bone 7  from cemetries

– wan mahasaney

– Charm powder drawn out from many yantra

– Prai juti powder

– Soil of 7 cemetries

Important ingredients is the hook use for control elephant. This hook is able to hook lover and wealth to the owner. This hook is over 200 years old and pass through many ritual blessing. It is imported from Cambodia and this hook can even hook onto the elephant to control it even when it gone crazy. So this hook was made into powder and put into the takrut. This ingredient was also used by lp jan at that time.

Another important ingredients is the Prai juti powder by lp Noi. While chanting the takrut, lp noi invited the spirits who will go reborn to be gods and angels which they are willingly to help people.These are powerful as they will help the owner obtain attraction and wealth.

At night, lp noi invite the heaven gods and angels to come to bless these amulets together with him.

According to lp noi, this is one of the best takrut for calling wealth and attraction to the owner. This takrut often described with the ability to imbue beauty on its owner and steer strong attraction from the opposite sex with frequent success. The hook powder of the takrut can subdue other love competitors. When flaunted on your pants pocket, this powerful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness, attract many people to you and defeat competitors. For existing relationship the amulet will fan off third parties and it will bring about glamourous and rosy relationship that is filled with joy and laughter in the long term. It produces invisible power of love, bewitching and enchanting seductive magnetism, which draws romance into ones life.

This takrut can also hook wealth and money to the owner. Suitable for attracting and enhance money making opportunities all the time.

It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage It can also charm an ex lover back I can make you popular among your friends, peers and lover It can Find you money for through good rapport and selling in sales and business

Made only very limited pieces,

Don’t miss out on this great amulets.

Price is only $98sgd only (limited pieces made)

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