Luang Pu noi and Luang Phor Jan red ong ku Kumanthong Prai Kasip seang chok (Best for whispering gambling and windfall luck)(Special batch)

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Manifest even more lots of money with the active and powerful enhance ong ku kumanthong prai kasip made by luang Pu Noi and Luang Phor Jan

The most active and powerful kumanthong ever made by lp Noi.

This is the special ong ku batch blessed together while made this batch of kumanthong.

Ong ku meaning is the first few pieces made and blessed on top followed by the other grey normal pim one.

All the ong ku batch of kumanthong had mix with more ingredient than normal pim , this red kmt had mix with blood of children , lp noi had invite and asked the spirit who are owner of the bpody of the children who had passed away to allow lp to took the blood and mixed into the amulet for double the power and double the effectiveness.

 (This is a traditional method and is very safe becuase luang pu noi ask the permission of the children parents and also the children spirit himself)

Kumanthong Prai Kasip seang chok (whispering in helping gambling and windfall luck ) made by Pong Prai Kumarn powder (real lookkok powder) size 6cmX3 cm. Sitting and in an closing eyes position meaning even these kumanthong closed both of their eyes but still able to see any things in future.

If the user have six sense enough can connect with the kumanthong prai kasip and know what he is whispering to him and know which action to do next in order to gain an winning advantage in sales, business, gambling and even lottery, speculative luck.   Lp Noi made these KMT by original subject by lp Jan from Cambodia, and had lp Jan blessed these 3 months before he passed away. Lp Noi had blessed until those kmt had 32 organs same as an original human.

According to Lp Noi said “These KMT are super powerful in gamble ,

Number 1 purpose is very good in gambling , casino and lottery . The kumanthong prai kasip is the greatest money hunter. It will ensure millions of dollars always come to the user. It will also be great to maximize speculative luck for those who trade shares or buy foreign currencies. It will lead to the manifestation of uncompromising ambition in ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.

 The 2nd for business , wealth , attract money and potential customers.  After using the kumanthong, it generates financial success, enable you to earn higher incomes and build greater fortunes for both business, career and home.   The 3rd for protection , take good care of the owner’s house , cars , shops , get rid of bad sprits and also can carry along these KMT when travelling for a safe journey.

Already over so many of my client had testimonial due to this kumanthong.   According to lp noi, the red ong ku kumanthong is 10 times more powerful then the grey one and made very limited and little compare to the grey one.

It will be sold out faster then you will think, i personally assured you that.

Don’t miss out on this great amulets.

 Price is only $118sgd only (limited pieces made)

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