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Special handmade by luang phor tee and chanted for a period of 3 months using a special woodfrom the tree call mai fa bak. The lighting strike wood which possessed strong magicial power. In a forest, this is the only tree that was strike twice by lightning and burned.

Lp Tee realised that these wood possessed true potential and power for good luck and wealth.
He handmade these Pra ngan tat deang and inserted with special herbs and attraction powder below the pra ngan
Below is also inserted with the takrut heart sutra of Phra ngan
Each piece was engrave piece by piece personally by him while chanting the mantra of Phra ngan
Each piece of Pra ngan was  chanted for 3 months using the ancient cambodia spell for enhance power and attraction.
This statue wa 3.5 inch tall and is suitable for praying at office or home.
According to lp Tee, the owner who pray to this Pra ngan can easily develop lightning-fast bond and rapport and create interest and intrigue in your target.
He could turn on the chemistry whenever and with whoever YOU want.
This Pra ngan is also best for popularity and increase in business sales.

Lp Tee also mentioend that this pra ngan can be use for balance the owner 5 element for good luck and fortune
Phra ngan is the master charmer, it can help for couple who are facing divorced or have separated problems. It can also use for attracting the member of the opposite sex or same sex to be totally crazy and fall in love with you.
You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking. It can also be use for windfal luck and wealth luck. Best for windfallluck,

The type of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income. Irregular income includes ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.
Phra ngan can be use for
–       You get to be an unstoppable moneymaking sales machine.
–       You get to effectively seduce and control members of the oppoiste sex
–       You get to win the toughest negotiations.
–       You get to easily convince anyone to go on a date with you.
–       You get to have many friends who like, trust and believe you.
–       You get to be an powerful charmer
–       You get to be a highly respect at work or career
–       You get to win in all gambling
–       You get to persuade anyone to do anything for you!
–       Attract, Like Bees To Honey, And Seduce Absolutely anyone.
–       Become the warrior in your own life to overcome all obstacles and challenges that come your way…
Made only limited pieces, 19pieces
Special method and mantra will be taught to the user for using this bucha for best effective result!!!
Don’t miss out !!!
Price is only $188sgd only (limited pieces left)
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