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Special kumanthong doo sup doo tong

The powerful kumanthong doo sup doo tong which was handmade by luang phor tee and chanted for a period of 3 months using a special wood from the tree that was strike by lightning twice and burned to black.

Lp tee realised that these wood possessed true potential and power for good luck and wealth.

It is made from the same lightning strike wood with the same special power.

soaked with Namman Athan (charming oil).

Each piece below was inserted with a forehead bone of a child who died on tuesday and burned on saturaday,

Also inserted with holy herbs powder below the kumanthong


Luang phor tee created and strong blessed this amulet with ancient method on the auspicious time by

himself. He invited the spirit of kumanthong into each amulet during the nite and make this amulet super powerful till it can move by itself.

lp tee lightning strike wood kumanthong supernatural power about bringing the great luck, wealth and success to worshiper. Moreover, there is great power about fulfill worshiper’s wish.


The kumanthong child attracts money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rush to it’s owner. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing abundance and initiate the journey to riches. The kumanthong enables home owners and businessmen to prosper at great speed very rapidly. This will be the answer to gaining the unfair advantage of getting rich easily. Divine help will enable you to anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook. Each time you feel your finances are stagnant or down, make a wish to the wealth fetching

kumanthong to bring in streams of new income. It will carry you to greater heights and allow you to step into the truely fortunate path for maximum wealth success.


Best for use in casino and wishing for lottery luck.

Increase your business profit ten fold by placing this in the shop or home.

Best for people buying lottery, owning a business, likes to go casino or simply reaching greater heighte in your work career.


Here’s the truth, Get this special batch of lp tee kumanthong now and generates neverending stream of wealth in your life.

Special method and mantra will be taught to the user for using this amulet for best effective result!!!

Don’t miss out !!!


Price is only $138sgd

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Weight 1.00 g

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