Luang Phor Sawat Mae Prai Pitsawat (Best of wealth and love charm)



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The most famous amulet ever made by lp sawat , the mae prai pitsawat amulet.

This amulets were blessed by lp sawat for over a year period and was made with the most potent and powerful ingredients lp sawat could ever get hold on.


Ingredients including:

1) The most important ingredient made by real bone powder with 108 lady spirits which was bleesed for 1 year (khoa pan sa 2555 – khao pan sa 2556) + base with promprai

2) Real bone powder 59 bodys from Phra khun pean of Ac Pleng Boonyeen (master of lp Sawat)

3) Look om Pong Prai kmt belong of luang pu Tim , Wat Rahanlai , rayong

4) Real bone powder belong of Por tarn Jerm , Wat Hoi rak

5) Real bone Power Of Tharn Por Hok , Wat Tah kham, songklah

6) Pong Prai kumarn belong of Luang Pu Tae , Wat Sam ngam, Nakornpatom

7) Wax belong of 4 girls body who pragant and pass away (mae Namfon , Maw Mali , Mae Kanlayawan ,Mae Kwunjirah )

8) NMP of mae Namfon , Maw Mali , Mae Kanlayawan ,Mae Kwunjirah

9) Real bone power of mae Namfon , Maw Mali , Mae Kanlayawan ,Mae Kwunjiraha

10) Herbs total 9 types  -wan dok thongs , wan saw long , wan nang non , wan joon nang , wan pa ya tae krua , wan khunphen sakot tup , wan 500  nang , wan khoa long

11) Bone of one police officer who died in the line of duty and had many wifes. (Best for helping as bodyguard of owner and helping in opposite sex attraction and fullfil wishes)

All these was mix together and made into the mae prai pitsawat. Making it into one of the most beautiful and real life amulet.

According to lp sawat, with the mae prai pitsawat, you will gain the unfair advantage of getting rich more easily. It acts like a money magnet that can ignite your wealth luck explosively and then continuously snowball it to accelerate your financial growth.

It will be able to help in sales, business and financial success.

It will lead to the manifestation of uncompromising ambition in ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.


For attraction and charming:


It will ensure the user had the strongest charm and attraction towards the same sex or opposite sex. Suitable to  initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This is said to be the world’s most powerful love amulet ever.

It can also be use to charm an ex lover back.

The katha to chant and use as given by lp Sawat:

Chant ” namo tassa…” x3

then chant

1. katha for offering “Ma ma Pa ri phun chan tu … ja ma hah phoo tah …. ar cut cha ya…. ar cut cha hi… ma ma …. mah mah  x 3 times ”

2 katha for making a wish chant

“oom it ti rid .. ma hah phoot …. ni mit tung .. tis sa wah … na tung a hung nu ka

x 3 times after that make a wish ”


Very limited pieces made only  by lp Sawat:

Get the Lp Sawat Mae prai pitsawat at 148sgd only


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