Luang Phor Mai Pee jook kumanthep amulet (grant all wishes, good luck and wealth)

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The most famous kumanthep amulet call brother pee jook of wat suan luang temple.

History of Pee Jook

Ung Pee Jook Kuman is the powerful angle; He looks like a boy with a topknot, 3 feet tall. He usually turns his right hand and overturns his left, and he wears only one chain across his chest and back. Ung Pee Jook Kuman possesses a very strong power over time and places. If you have faith in him, you can go to Wat Suan Laung Temple to worship him, can also carry his image with you all the time. People have always talked about Ung Pee Jook Kuman’s miracle for a long time. The abbot of Wat Suan Laung Temple says that his senior told him about the original image of Pee Jook Kuman had been created for 180 years. It might be made at the same time as Wat Suan Luang Temple was established 200 years ago.

According to the local legend, although Wat Suan Laung Temple had been renovated several times, time kept ruining it gradually. The new abbot, Punyawaro, at that time, therefore, thought about the restoration of the temple again. Yet, he did not know how to gain enough money to fix, especially, the temple hall and its fence, a funeral pyre, a bell tower, and monk’s cell. So he prayed in front of the main Buddha statue in the temple, asked him for any suggestion to find a way to get enough money.

One night, before he went to sleep, he recited an incantation and meditated. Until midnight, his mind was completely in peace, he suddenly heard a boy’s voice calling him from the back of the Buddha image. The new abbot quietly gazed through the candlelight, and he saw a tan skinned boy with a topknot on his head. He did not put on shirt but wore bead around his neck. The boy kept looking at him and said that the abbot had already had the magical power in the temple, so he did not need to be worried. He also said that he would help the abbot find some money to restore the temple again. The abbot, then, asked the boy that: “My boy, how could we finish restoring our temple? Only the temple hall you need more than a million baht. And how about the temple hall for sermons, the monks’ cells, the bell tower, the funeral pyre, and so on? How can I find a lot of money, the topknot boy?”   The boy said: “First you have to call me brother Jook because I’m very old and I’ve lived in this temple for a long time. Don’t worry; I’m sure you can restore the temple. There are many talismans here. You can make and give them away for free, then people will come here to find them and you will gain enough money.” When the abbot finished meditation, he stood up and looked for any talisman that the boy had talked about. His eyes suddenly met the image of a boy covered with thick dust, so he gently cleaned it and found that this talisman was the same thing with the one he saw in his vision. He was so excited and very happy because Ung Jook Kuman came to give him the way.

Pee Jook Kuman also made a miracle abroad. Miss Penporn Hoursen brought him to live with her in Geneva, Switzerland. She had a restaurant around the Old Town Cross, and said her business ran very well. She used to have a small restaurant, after bring Pee Jook Kuman she had to open another big restaurant.   Miss Penporn said that she nourished Pee Jook Kuman with sweet drink and candy and in that day he showed her miracle. She said that no ant or any insect came to eat these sweet while the sweet in other dishes which were not far from that was covered with ants and insect. This event made she believed in Pee Jook Kuman’s power.   Many people went to pray to Pee jook at wat suan luang and make wishes for lottery and had won. Some people has finiacial problem and business down with a lot of loan, went to pray to Pee jook and 5 month later, return to temple to donate because had earn lots of money and change new car to benz.

Lp Peuk ex abbot of wat suan luang that time, people around the temple always saw the spirits of Pee jook came out anand play but only LP Peuk was able to talk to kmt pee jook , after Lp Peuk passed away then luang phor Mai took over as the abbot of wat Suan luang temple,Lp Mai tried to communicate with kmt PiPee jook till sucessful, so since that time Lp Mai do the many other batches of kmt pee jook and became an overnite successful.

Amulet of Pee jook made with old copper material and blessed by lp Mai for a period of 3 months.

Best for wearing on neck or pocket
According to lp mai, if you ever desire to become a rich tycoon, successful businessman or powerful money-maker, it is best to use the powerful kumanthep pee jook.

Effect for:  

1) Because the Pee jook angel boy is the greatest money magnet, it will ensure lots of money to be attracted to the owner. Pee jook generates financial success, enable you to earn higher incomes and build greater fortunes  

2) Strong to ask for lottery luck, gambling luck and clear debts or loans  

3) Grant all kind of wishes for the owner, helping in business luck, career luck, family harmony and metta  

4) Praying to Pee jook is especially auspicious to generate career enhancement, promotional luck, multiplication in business opportunities, doubling of wealth resources and doubling of good fortune for the family.  

5) Protection for all family and owner.  

6) Helping you to be successful in everything that you do. 

You could worship Pee Jook Kuman by reciting Namo incantation and lighting 9 joss sticks, and then say: “Kayaputto mamaputto nimitputto sunyaputto a-rahungputto pakawati.”

Only very limited is made by lp mai and an amulet not be missed due to it’s fast effect.  Get it now and try it to see the effect

Price of Luang Phor Mai Pee jook kumanthep amulet is only $88sgd

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