luang Phor Jan special third eye amulet (1st batch) for enhance six sense and increase luck in all aspects of life



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Luang Phor Jan special third eye amulet (1st batch) for enhance six sense and increase luck in all aspects of life.

 The special haven eye created by lp jan before he had passed away. Ingredient use to make includes bone powder from Cambodia and mix with soil from 7 old cemetrey in Cambodia. All these is handmade by lp jan so each piece is different in size. While chanting this batch of amulets. many light was seen around in the temple.
According to Lp jan, having this amulet is as good as having the ability to predict anything that is going to happen. Also can be use for gambling and wealth luck.  According to its ability from ancient text about third eye subject, such kind of amulet third eye is a powerful connotation of “ATTAINING ASTOUNDING SUCCESS IN WEALTH AND WINDFALL”. Next,it connotes growth in businesses, sales and wealth multiplication.

According to lp jan, another aspects of this lp jan third eye is also it open up the six sense for the owner, he/she will be able to tell if the other person or partner is good or bad after seeing him/her for the first time. It can also control the  mind of the people (when wearing these 3rd eye and the user will look into the eye of the other person, it will have the hypnotic ability to control mind of the person like under the magic
just make a wish want to control them in what way you want !!!)

Best in charming and attraction to all people also!

PS: This piece of amulet is first batch and only very limited is made. In fact all these was taken from close
disciple of lp jan who had kept his things before he passed away. So once this is sold out, it is impossible
to find another similar piece.

Price: $128sgd (only have 5 pieces available)
This will be sold out extremely fast and not available anywhere else.

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