Luang Phor Jan Old batch blood kumanthong seang chok (Best for windfall and wealth)



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In Be years 254x, during that time when luang pu Chuen wat ta ee and Luang phor Jan was stilll alive,there were good friends with each another.  lp Jan design the kumanthong same as block pim kumanthong of lp Chuen. AFTER lp Jan went back to his temple, he invited lp Noi came to blessed this batch kmt together, after finish blessing all the special pim kumanthong lp Jan had gave those all kmts cover mouth to Lp Noi.

lp Noi had keep in the temple since that time but did not promote and sell it, he only gave to closer disciples . At the same time when lp Noi made red kmt prai kasip red one cover eyes, he had also use those blood belong of kids body and mix together with this kmt, (blood kmt had blood of child body that lp noi had invited and asked before he took the blood , they were willing to give blood to lp and allow to took the blood so lp Noi did not harm them)

Each piece below was also inserted with a takrut handwritten by lp jan.

According to Lp Noi said “These KMT are super powerful in gamble ,

Number 1 purpose is very good in gambling , casino and lottery . The kumanthong prai kasip is the greatest money hunter. It will ensure millions of dollars always come to the user. It will

also be great to maximize speculative luck for those who trade shares or buy foreign currencies. It will lead to the manifestation of uncompromising ambition in ultimate windfall,

speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.

The 2nd for business , wealth , attract money and potential customers. After using the kumanthong, it generates financial success, enable you to earn higher incomes and build greater fortunes for both business, career and home.

The 3rd for protection , take good care of the owner’s house , cars , shops , get rid of bad sprits and also can carry along these KMT when travelling for a safe journey.

These kmt by lp Jan also implies immediately winning a good position and better salary. Good for elevation of career position and promotional luck. So it can help a lot in job , career and business.   It will be sold out faster then you will think, i personally assured you that.

 Don’t miss out on this great amulets.

Price is only $98sgd only (limited pieces made) (Special old pim)

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