Lp Surasak Phra Phrom Roon Raek BE 2555 birthday batch



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Lp Surasak Phra Phrom Roon Raek BE 2555 birthday batch

Made of ingredient nur tong deang

History of Phra Prom:

PhraPhrom  is one of the highest god, the purity act of creation, in thailand people pray to PhraPhrom as 4 faces Buddhas, one of the holiest spirits energy that created all things, guide toward the way of holy. Though in many different culture, brahma also shown different power and form, holding different weapons, this is by legends/names pass down for generations through different culture, such as rage(shiva) to destroy/purify all evils/darkness or negative force, to make the area holy.

The significance of the 4 faces of the Buddha was to offer to help people in need and grant them their wishes. So it was believed that there are significants in the religious items held by the hand and its postures. The significants of the items are interpreted as follows:

Book in hand : Represents Knowledge
Beads : Represents Reincarnation
Spear Stick : Accomplishment
Flower Stick : Blessing Water (Wishes fulfilled)
Conch Shell : Represents Prosperity
Mystic Position of Hand placed on the chest : Offering Compassion
Flying Wheel : To avert and calamities, suppress evil and to release all gloominess and worries, Cakka.
Cinta Mani : The Almighty Power of Buddha

The Powers of 4 Faces Buddha : Giving help to important duty. Saving lives of those in danger, prosperity in the industries.
Good luck, Get rid of evil and lawsuits.

Many people also wear for wealth and windfall luck

This rian is made by Lp Surasak and engrave yantra and signature on each piece.

Price is only $88sgd

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