lp jan mae prai nang kwak (Either attract money or attract super lots of money to the owner) (highly recommended)

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Product Description


Lp jan mae prai nang kawk that will either attract money or attract a lot a lot of money.

The great lp jan created a special batch of amulet call mae prai nang kwak from the world most powerful ingredients:

– real lookok baby fetus powder
– 200 years old hook powder for control elephant (can control people mind)
– soil from 7 cementry
– prai tati powder
– prai nang mao powder
– hua jai mae kah powder
– hua jai nak khai powder
– mahasayop yant powder
– peng jerm bah settee
– yant setti powder (millionaire luck)
– yant mahachok powder (super good luck)
– yant pokasap powder (wealth powder)
– wan artan
– 9 type real bone powder vall prai ju ti powder from meng thom 7 places
(lp jan only invited the spirits that will go reborn to be the god or angel, so it is super powerful)

Each piece of mae prai nang kwak is handmade by lp jan.

Each piece behind is inserted with a fish hook call “tah khor pan wung ” like the gig can catch fish and animals in water. This hook can be use for fetching and catching money to owner super fast.
Also since is water element, wearign this amulet with hook can calm the person down in temper and ensure smooth sailing in all aspects of life.

The ritual blessing ceremony is done in an old castle in cambodia and lp jan invited all the god and angels to blessed these batch of amulets together. He blessed the mae prai nang kwak for 3 days and 3 night untill it became alive and have power in it.

These amulets be wore on top of neck or inside the pocket.

Lp Jan said “This Mae Nang kwak is super powerful just make any wish and it can come true.”
It is powerful to the point that even heavenly god will want keep this amulet.

According to lp jan, this mae nangkwak is super powerful in bring luck for the patriarch, support from important people, nobleman luck and good networking that leads to growth in wealth.

The active ingrident of mae nangkwak is useful in raising the bar of ones wealth acquisition. If you desire speculative luck, you can keep your lucky lottery ticket number near to the amulet to harvest a higher chance of winning.
Those wishing to earn a bigger regular income could also depend on it. It helps those who have good plans in investments and gaining big time long term money.

It is also useful for gaining windfall luck, gambling luck and is a must for business owner, those doing any kind of business seeking for success. The mae nang kwak sends vibes to the owner minds to remind them of money seeking opportunities.

The mae nang kwak makes you financially winning! You want to perpetuate your wins. You want to catch the “win-fection”. With the win-fection, you become an unstoppable magnet that wins, wins and wins. You will attract money, incredibly lots of it. 

A truely must have amulet for all people!!!!!

Price is 88sgd 

Additional Information

Weight 1.00 g

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