lp hong special Phaya Phalee – Chalong Mongkol (Best for winning in everything and windfall luck)



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LP Hong blessed a special batch of amulet call Phaya Phalee also known to be the guidance of wealth and winning.

LP Hong created and strong blessed this amulet phaya phalee on auspicious time with an ancient method that LP Hong learnd from Cambodia. Moreover, LP Hong awfully blessed this amulet by himself.

Phaya Phalee was governor of Krung Khit Khin (Ramayana). He has a brother’s name “Phaya Su Khrip and has a nephew’s name “Hanuman”. Phaya Phalee was received a blessing from Shiva that making Phalee was stronger power than his enemies.

Phaya Phalee’s amulet has many superb powers such as bringing the great wealth, luck, success and wisdom to worshiper. It also means winning in everything including your competitors and also winning in windfall luck.

It is also the main heavenly god to remedy for those who are facing a tough time at work, experiencing financial problems or have personal problems in personal life. It will bring you out of troubled times so that you will be unharmed and blessed with good luck. phaya phalee is best to bring out someone’s windfall luck and at the same time overcoming difficulties and nourishing him with good luck in everything. Basically successful and winning in everything that you do,

Ingredient is Nuea Thong Lam U (special brass) and putted the holy powders under a base. Get this lp hong special Phaya Phalee now at $88sgd


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