Lersi puttavet Special manpong scorpion saney amulet



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Special manpong scorpion saney amulet.

As Lersi puttavet mentioned himself, he only use the best material in the world to make his special amulets.

The power amulet that symoblizes powerful sex attraction and charming subject from Loas

Lersi puttavet chanted for 9 ceremony at nite also and chanted the special spell of loas subject for charming into the amulets


Material use for making the scorpion amulets:

– scorpion oil obtain from Loas

– Powder prai 59 ton of archan Preng

– Charming saney powder for strong attraction

– Lp pinak star dao powder

– Charming powder of lp kalong

– Prai kuman powder of lp tim

– Mahalaluay wealth powder of lp phueg , wat king kaew

– charming wealth powder from lp chuen wat ta ei

– sipeng cream of lp kai, wat chen len

– Scorpion powder from Loas

– lp kuay old powder for good luck


Behind is also inserted with two takrut for calling opposite sex for both male/female into the owner’s life

According to Lersi puttavet, this scropion amulet is able to to naturally attract the opposite sex and have a satisfying love life.

Have the oppoiste sex who is only “interested in being friends” to change his/her mind about you. Get and catch back an ex lover or save a broken relationship or marriage.

This scropion amulet can also serve as a sparking fire to make the owner have stoppable charming and confidence in his own self.


Only made limited pieces of 38 pieces.


Don’t miss out !!!

Price is $128sgd

Additional Information

Weight 1.0 g

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