Lersi puttavet Phra Rahu Wealth amulets



Product Description


Lersi puttvet created this amulet for worship called Phra Rahu. He believe that, person who worship or wear Phra Rahu could be changed his/her fate from desperate life to success, will get luck and wealth by his power.

Lersi puttavet chanted for 9 ceremony at nite and invited Phra Rahu to bless this batch of amulets also.


Material use for making Phra rahu amulets:

– one eye coconut powder

– ivory fruit beads inserted behind

– Lp pinak star dao powder

– Charming powder of lp kalong

– Prai kuman powder of lp tim

– Mahalaluay wealth powder of lp phueg , wat king kaew

– charming wealth powder from lp chuen wat ta ei

– sipeng cream of lp kai, wat chen len

– Jindamanee powder of lp boon , wat klang bang kaew

– lp kuay old powder for good luck


and many more

Each piece is also inserted with a special takrut handwritten by lersi puttavet for enhance the owners luck to the maximum.

According to lersi puttavet, this heavenly Rahu amulet serves as a lucky star to renew your luck for a successful year.

Wearing the Phra rahu will allow you to gain power, obtain good fortune, prevent harm and ensure no serious obstacles blocking your success.The Phra rahu can also eat away all bad luck and bad stabbers along the way .Suitable for those with high ambition in career advance and business success.


This amulet will ensure all owner to have super good luck every year round.


Only made limited pieces of 38 pieces

Price is only $148sgd (Limited pieces left)

Additional Information

Weight 1.0 g

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