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Special banana tree bark mae tanee (banana spirit ) mde by lersi payak for victorious in gambling luck and fetching wealth.

Backgroud history of amulet
The orginial subject of making banana spirit ritual comes from a master call pra ku thep ba ong from Loas which have the wicha na sum sen and wicha ta ma nai for wealth fetching and gambling luck.
This subject was passed to Archan jet sa da and then passed on to Lersi payak

Lersi payak obtained the special old banana tree bark which possessed strong magical power of the banana spirit.
Then he draw the special yantra of wicha na sum sen, wicha yantra ta ma nai and wicha yantra con pao ma li into the tree bark and roll it up and chanted with the special spell to lock the power into the amulet.
This is the best magic for gambling luck, windfall luck, attraction and fetching wealth to the owner.

Belief: Mae Tanee is what Thai people call a good-looking lady spirit living in the banana tree called Guai Tanee. Mae Tanee is tied to Thai belief so long. People describe her having got long hair, a good complexion and very nice odor. She has the sex appeal and charm and thai people believe she bring good windfall luck to owner.

Method to pray for gambling luck and wealth:
pray the banana tree bark with one incense, flower and banana then make wish for success.

This amulet is very powerful. Whoever owns this powerful amulet will be attractive, have sex appeal and good luck in business or gambling and run business very well. When danger comes, Prai Tanee Spirit will whisper the owner to know so that the owner can prevent it or run away in time.

The nang tanee locket can:
1. Stimulate cash flow.
2. Remove danger and blesses one with safety.
3. Generate income opportunities.
4. Recover your investments.
5. Create riches.
6. Windfall luck and gambling luck
7. Love and charming attraction towards all people

The nang tanee amulet is best to invite BENEFACTOR’S LUCK into your life so that everything goes smoothly with the powerful support from helpful people.
Are you tired of bad romance? The nang tAnee amulet also invites in rosy new romance and bring many suitors for your hands in marriage. It also gives a boost of romance for lifetime partners who are facing stagnation in feelings.

It can help in windfall luck , whispering to the user in case of wealth and danger. The most powerful in gambling , casino and lottery. It will ensure millions of dollars always come to the user. It will also be great to maximize speculative luck for those who trade shares or buy foreign currencies. It will lead to the manifestation of uncompromising ambition in ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.

Made only 38 pieces and will be sold out soon.

Not to be missed. made only limited pieces
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