Lersi payak kham third eye amulet (For six sense and wealth)

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The amazing third eye amulet by lersi payak kham, the third eye represent the third eye of indian god lord shiva and the heart sutra of Pra mae uma tawee. It was made and chanted by using tran tra yan subject (this subject existd since buddha was still alive at that time )

The of making this third eye was hard, Lersi Payak kham used the old ingredient from a guru in indian who had collected the ingredients for many years and made into the magicial eye.

Ingredient made by :

– Soil from 100 shrine in India

– Puttakhun powder

– Wi phoot powder from Na ran cha ra

– Flower powder from pra ha nu man temple – other holy powder from other old master

This amulet possessed extremely strong power, the user is able to control it also.

This amulet can give strong protection , good luck , increase power , good trade , good business and always protect the user everyday.

According to Lersi payak, the amazing third eye amulet has the ability to give the owner financial success, enable the owner to earn higher incomes and build greater fortunes. It showers him/her with money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rush to the owner.

It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing abundance and initiate the journey to riches. Infinite money awaits the owner each day and endless opportunities and blessings will come his/her way. Money accelerates to the owner explosively and rapidly by using this special amulets.

Special way to use :

1) Able to hold this eyes on both hands while doing meditation will Guide the user in business and able to find the solution for solving the problem in life

2) fulfilling and granting all wishes for the owner write the three wishes onto a piece of paper, placed the third eye on the piece of paper, burn 1 Kammoonyen incenses, offer the eye one glass of water, one glass of milk, one glass of hot honey, 1-3 kinds of fruits. (The eye will grant the wishes to come true for the owner)

3) Wear for good luck and wealth,

able to wear anywhere, pants pocket or neck.

4) When using the 3rd eye for normal gambling or in casino, while betting, hold the 3rd eyes on the left hand in order to increase six sense accurately for winning in all gambling.

Mantra for chanting the third eye:

general katha namo tassa… x 3

“roo ka roo ka  ji tha ji tha mi ma mi ma “ 

Chant 9 times and make a wish


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