Lersi Payak gambling wax spirit cream (Best for windfall luck and gambling luck)



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The most powerful amulet use for windfall luck and gambling luck made by lersi payak kham racha. Made using many special ingredients collected over the years including

– special real honey wax

– charming herbs of 18 kinds

– nam man prai oil –

Ash bone of a lady who when was still alive always won in gambling

– Takrut phaya pee

– 1 dice which use and won before during gambling

– dok thong powder


Lersi payak said that this cream is to be wore in the pocket for calling wealth and windfall luck.

special way to use for this cream according to Lersi payak 1.Before going to buy lottery or going to gamble in the casino, burn 1 incenses to tell the spirit to help and apply the wax on the money before going to change the clip or buy the lottery. This will greatly increase the chance of winning in all lottery and gambling, which ensure the money will come back to the owner.

2 During the night if wish to dream of good number for buying lottery , Draw number from 0-9 onto small paper each one 1 number total 10 pcs, then placed those number under the pillow then chant the kata and wish the old lady spirit to help at night to dream of the number to winning in lottery. If did not dream, then in the morning open the pillow see got any number on the paper turn facing up by itself If wish came true must do merit and transfer he merit to her >>>>

katha to be chanted:

“Ma ma pa ri phun chan tu  ja ma haa phoo thaa ar cut chaa ya ar cut chaa hi  yaa tao jong ma  jong ma ram

jong ma ruay  ae hi ae hi ma ma maa maa” 1 times

According to lersi payak, this gambling wax spirit is known as a wealth generator because the gambling spirit radiates wealth luck whenever there is gambling and business involved. What is more, it can also act as a wealth absorber. If you hang it on your neck, it continues to absorb wealth everywhere you go especially from wealth spots such as banks and financial hubs, casino, places where they sell lottery tickets and where the presence of wealth are. Using the special cream enhances the effect even faster.

It will magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing and the stock market. Place this fortune magnifying amulet together with your investment folder, share certificates or gambling tickets to bring maximum opportunities of winning or striking large gains.

This cream can also be used for business profit and fetching customers.

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