Kruba Pon kumathong 9 tail fox bucha



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Fetch and attract 9 different kind of wealth and money using the special kumanthong bucha by Kruba Pon.   The special bucha call Kumanthong riding 9 tail fox spirit.  


This special kumanthong was made riding the 9 tail fox meaning combination of two best wealth fetching element in one.   Size was made in 3 inch tall.


It was made in 7 different colour meaning each colour is suitable for different born day people.   That was why it was also called the daily born kumantong.


The important ingredient below was collected for over 3 years,  

– special powder for millionaire luck.  

– Bone of children.  

– Nam man prai oil of a girl spirit mix with fox oil  

– Ash powder of children   –

Real hair of children  

and many other hidden auspicious material.


Kruba Pon chanted for a period of 7 ceremony at wat pu hor, and during the first time while he was chanting, he invited all the good child spirit into each bucha. Each piece was specially blessed to be the upmost power level. During the night ceremony, many children voice was heard during the blessing ceremony. There was also many white light seen in the temple.


According to Kruba Pon, the activated special kumathong on 9 tail fox could foster wealth, good fortune, excellent career, good financial support, prosperity and popularity luck. One will also obtain benefactors (noblemen) who aid them in solving difficulties, particularly in business and sales.   This was one of the best batch of kumanthong he had even blessed he said whoever who pray to this special kumanthong will become millionaire very soon.   Those wishing to earn a bigger regular income could also depend on it. It helps those who have good plans in investments and gaining big time long term money for both gambling and windfall luck.  

Can be placed both in the house or office to bring riches, speculative luck and special good luck to the owner or family.   Special method and Praying method will be taught to the owner.


Kruba pon only made one batch of this 7 colour kuamthong riding 9 tail fox and will be sold out at a very fast time..

Don’t miss out !!!  

Price is $148sgd


Additional Information

Weight 4.0 g

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