Kruba Khampeng Petphayatorn with mae uma




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Special blessing old batch pet phayatorn by Kruba KhamPeng. Made with special old powder of love and soil from Kruba KhamPeng.
This amulet can powerfully draw people kindness, love and money.
Front side feature the In Ku (couple) and Pet phayatorn( charming phallic symbol), back is mae Uma 8 hands for attract windfall and victory in wealth.
Kruba KhamPeng is a monk who succeeded in many fields of meditation practice. Because he follows the path of Bodhisattva (Buddha), meditation of Kruba KhamPeng is better than other monks’ who have a different way of meditation practice.
Kruba KhamPeng specializes in Borikam Phawana, a kind of meditation by chanting along in mind. In those days, Kruba KhamPeng could do Borikam Phawana 18 hours a day continuously for many years. But these days, due to his senility, Kruba KhamPeng can do Borikam Phawana only 8 hours a day.
Not only Borikam Phawana, Kruba KhamPeng is also good at Kasina, visual meditation by looking at and focusing mind on an object.
Having been practicing several kinds of meditation for a long time, Kruba KhamPeng discovered wonderful sacred knowledge such as Maha Aoot Kong Kaphan (invulnerability), Metta (loving-kindness), etc. and above all he knows “Knowledge of Transferring Universal Energy”.
Every time Kruba KhamPeng blesses amulets, he always transfers universal energy that includes energy of those hermits and monks. So every amulet by Kruba KhamPeng has real power. Some people can touch the power of his amulets. They said when touching the amulet they had the feel of softly flowing electrical stream from the universe.
Kruba mentioned who used this pet phayatorn will be good in well-liked by everyone and even had sudden charm and popularity among the same sex and opposite sex.
The Mae Uma begins also can win your competitions in sales and in love.
It was mentioned that one thai person (who unable to hit sales target for a few months) who uses this amulet had increase his sales luck and popularity at his company after wearing it. He was able to hit his sales target and furthermore many of his female colleague became mesmerized by his speech and aura.
According to Kruba KhamPeng , this love charm pet phayatorn is so strong that can be invoked to help you creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth in yourself after wearing it. The aura projected will be different. it will be bright and inviting people to come surround you.
It can invites in rosy new romance and bring many suitors for your hands. It also gives a boost of romance for lifetime partners who are facing stagnation in feelings. It install romance and feeling of love and respect to you inside the opposite sex.
Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This is said to be the world’s most powerful love amulet ever.
It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage It can also charm an ex lover back I can make you popular among your friends, peers and lovers.
Made only very limited pieces and most importantly Once sold out will not be making anymore.
Price is 108sgd
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