Kruba Det takrut na ree rum peng (best of metta and super love charm takrut)



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This takrut is specially made by kruba det using the ancient method of magic which he learned from Loas. He specially handwritten the takrut and prepare the material to be coated on the takrut.

This takrut is made from:
1) wan thep rampueng for gf/bf think of the user
2) wan 500 meaning for have 500 women around the owner
3) wan dok thong for smell good everyday.
4) wan dok thong for if whoever who able to smell this one will love the user
5) wan saw long for everybody love
6) wan nang lom for women around owner everytime
7) wan sane hah for strong charm and attraction
8) wan salika lin thong for sweet talking
9) wan taw wan long for strong metta ,attraction.

During the ceremony, kruba det brought 7 women (all virgin) and all materials go to the 7 saw noi river and dip everything in the river for 7 days and 7 nites while kruba det chanting for this amulet tieing the string to the 7 virgin women and the material while reciting the spell and mantra. Because of this process, this takrut is extremely powerful for metta and attraction of opposite sex. Only limited is produced.

Do take note that according to Kruba det, this takrut is very hard to make and requires a lot of effort to make it effective. Because of this, only limited pieces is made and I only have limited pieces left before it is Completely sold out. Take action now!!!

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