Kruba Det Special takrut salika hua jai settee luang (for ensure no serious obstacles blocking your success!!!! )

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Product Description

It’s shocking to heard this but it is true!!!

One of the most powerful yant ever used to made this special salika takrut called hua jai settee luang yant by Kruba det.

Origin of story was there was a disciple of kruba det who passed away and was sent to kruba det temple for cremation of  the body through burning of fire.

During the cremation process, the amazing thing happen where the whole body was burned but the forehead of the disciple remain intact which means it was not able to burned by fire. Kruba det was surprised and he did a meditation during the process and saw a special yantra on the forehead of the disciple. The image was so real that kruba det can remembered the special yantra called yant hua jai sette luang on the forehead . Then kruba det started to transfer merit by chanting to that body and his spirits until the body whole body can finally be burned completely.


After this event, kruba det went inside his temple and drew out the yant from the image that he saw during his meditation. He only knew that this was a very powerful yantra but was unsure he should use which magicial incantation to chant and bless this yantra, he though of it whole day but was unable to get the answer.


Then that night while kruba det was sleeping, the spirit of his disciple came to his dream and thanks the master for transferring merit to him for allowed his body to be totally able an burned and go to another world. In order to thanks kruba det for his kindess, the disciple decided to teach kruba det the subject of chanting this hua jai sette luang.


The spirit told kruba det that this yantra is the most powerful subject of metta maha saney and can be used for making takrut, salika celeste bird, charming cream or even love oil. This yantra is super powerful in strong communication, opposite sex attraction, attracting soul mates, metta, good sales trade, good luck, attract money easily and can call money come into your house or shop also.


Even for people for work in night life will be suitable for this yantra as it can strong increase its power in attraction of the same or opposite sex. In the dream , the spirit taught this subject to kruba det and the way to blessed and chanting for this yantra.


After he had taught kruba det everything, he disappeared into thin air.

Kruba det woke up in the morning but he can recall everything that the spirit had taught him. Then he started to draw the yantra on the takrut each piece and blessed it with the special katha taught by the spirit.


He then chanted a batched of salika bird amulets at the cemetery and he then invited the heavenly bird from heave to came to the ceremony to bless this batch of salika amulets also till the ritual finished. So this salika bird amulet is super powerful in persuasion and strong communication and also controlling of people’s mind.

He proceeds then to tie each piece of takrut with the special salika bird amulet for increase strong communication, sales luck and attraction.

According to kruba det, this amulet is the best anecdote if you have hiccups or dispute in your family or relationship or with those who are angry with you, in your job or organization, business or company. You can carry this amulet to anywhere you encounter problems, to make others change their minds towards you and have affection and love for you. It serves to increase your attractiveness, attract more people to you and defeat competitors in your life. It can also help to strongly increase your sales luck and boom your business success.

Kruba det made very imited pieces of this salika takrut settee luang

Price is $88sgd

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Weight 1.00 g

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