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In the upcoming year, would you like to have:

more Happiness/good fortune Luck/Prosperity/Wealth,
more Success/Power/Authority and
more Longevity/Health.
Finally the great kruba det have make a new amulet for the upcoming year.
The special Phra rahu sorng na for great wealth and overcome all obstacles and bad luck.
This is the amulet to have if u have conflict with rahu for the coming year and also clash of year on zodiac sign.
Ingredients was collected over a period of 3 years, including:
– Old ancient powder of kruba det master (For wealth and good luck)
– One eye coconut powder collected from 100 coconuts.
– Silver takrut , one represent the moon , the other represent the sun
All item was mixed together and blessed during the full moon eclipse where the auspicious star were in line for over a period of 7 months.
It was seen during the blessing that rahu had cover the moon and is the best ritual to invite rahu into the amulets for the enhance power.
According to Krube det,
The great rahu sorng na will be able to increase the money luck for the user next year.
This heavenly Rahu amulet serves as a lucky star to renew your luck for a successful year.
Wearing the Phra rahu will allow you to gain power, obtain good fortune, prevent harm and ensure no serious obstacles blocking your success.
The Phra rahu can also eat away all bad luck and bad stabbers along the way .Suitable for those with high ambition in career advance and business success.
For those who always face bad luck in their lives, this amulet is able to overcome all the negative effect.
Kruba det mentioned that phra rahu is the most fundamental divine pillar of wealth in the upcoming year where economy is unstable.
It implies financial strength and not just money earned randomly. Earning/winning money randomly does not imply financial strength.
His power of financial strength enables one to be able to retire luxuriously and resist any forms of instability in the long term.
The spell chanted on this rahu sorng na is to enhance smoothness and success in endeavors and the god
that promises wealth luck and windfall luck. He normally bestows one with career/business success with enhanced income luck.
The must have amulet for the upcoming year.

Made only very limited pieces and most importantly ,Once sold out will not be making anymore.
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