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The best lover charming, wealth fetching powerful khun pean and loop om ever made by Archan suriya
Khun pean mae keow kanya
The process of making this khun pean was hard and it was said to be fill with the best ingredients for making the most powerful khun pean ever.
ingredient collected included:
– luang pu tim plai guman powder
– archan gup jatukam powder
– prom prai powder from lp sawat
– Prom prai kanya powder from lp jun
(Friend of archan suirya, famous for his prai kanya khun pean)
– lek doo sup stone
– wahn dok tong
– wahn 108 herbs
– wahn saney

and the most important ingredient is the powder of mae keow kanya

Mae keow kanya was a pregant lady at sisaket province which she was born on a special day, special month and special year. She was kind hearted in nature and loves to help people. She was also someone who possessed magic power. Unfortunely she was dead from an accident on tuesday while she was pregant. So in the end she was burned on a saturday. It was said that mae keow kanya spirit came to see Archan suriya in his dream and ask him to make amulets out of her so she can help people improve their life , fetch wealth and solve their problems. So Archan suriya collected her ashes and put inside the khun pean nd loop om amulets. Archan suriya mix all ingredient together and made into khun pean and loop om for wearing.

 Ceremony of chanting this batch of khun pean and loop om was conducted in 4 ritual and different temple including – wat lp khambu – wat paseh ubon – wat see chom pu – wat come nook pe 

Involve in the chanting was more then 20 monks and 4 archans including all the top monks at esan err.
Archan suriya mentioned that this khun pean mae keow kenya is very good, also many famous monk came to blessed together and in the future will be rare and super hard to find because it will not be made anymore.
 This batch of rare khun pean is super strong mettamahaniyom and strong attraction , strong wealth luck , good luck , good trade , and sucessful in everything that the owner do. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. It will make the wearer more attractive than before, thus inviting suitable candidates into your lives. This khun pean is the one that catalyzes virtue, brings perfect matches and hopes for successful relationships in romance. It promises sustainable happiness in a relationship.
– More well-liked by everyone
– more sales profit and money
– more successful in all relationship between people
– more wealth and good luck in career
– more courage and power in everyday life
– strong six sense in business and wealth opportunites
– loved by your boss, increase power , work, good sales trading luck
– the lover wont have another one and remain faithful
Super amazing!!!
loop om and khun pean was each also inserted with a silver takrut for enhance the power of mae keow kenya
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