Archan odd takrut salika mak heir sop (Best of attraction and seduction)

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The master of charming and seduction takrut , salika mak heir sop by Archan odd.
The special takrut was written during the auspicious night time and chanted for a total of 5 ceremony by Archan odd in Ubon.
These takrut salika mak heir sop was made by gold sheet takrut and handwritten by Archan odd during the magicial hour.
Inside the ingredients includes
– wah dok tong  (for charming , metta mahaniyom , wealth )
– Hua jai saney nut wu tak powder (for extreme charming , attraction to opposite sex/same sex)
– Powder of the charm flower total 7 types (for charming ,  mettamahaniyom)
– wah sao long (for charming ,  mettamahaniyom)
– Wax saney (for more powerful enhance in attraction)
According to Archan odd the process for making this takrut is very hard as it involve with chanting the takrut for a long time and tested at putting at the holy water, if it swims and never sink to the bottom, then the takrut can be use as the power is there.
Archan odd mentioned that these batch of salika mak heir sop takru regardless of how dumb or unable to talkwell in social situation, who used this takrut  will be good in well-liked by everyone and even had sudden charm and popularity among the same sex and opposite sex.
It was mentioned that one thai person (who unable to hit sales target for a few months) who uses this takrut had increase his sales luck and popularity at his company after wearing it. He was able to hit his sales target and furthermore many of his female colleague became mesmerized by his speech and aura.
According to Archan odd, this takrut salika mak heir sop is so strong that can be invoked to help you creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth in yourself after wearing it. The aura projected will be different. it will be bright and inviting people to come surround you.
It can invites in rosy new romance and bring many suitors for your hands. It also gives a boost of romance for lifetime partners who are facing stagnation in feelings. It install romance and feeling of love and respect to you inside the opposite sex.
Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This is said to be the world’s most powerful love amulet ever.
It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage It can also charm an ex lover back I can make you popular among your friends, peers and lover It can Find you money for through good rapport and selling in sales and business It can give you the power of being a charisma leader, always respected and surrounded by members of same or opposite sex!!!
Made only very limited pieces and most importantly Once sold out will not be making anymore.
Price is only $128sgd only (limited pieces left)

Additional Information

Weight 2.0 g

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