Archan odd hoon pa yong prai tong come (Call back ex lover, attract a new lover, call back money or attract abundance of wealth)



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Do you have problem

– calling back money from people who borrow from you and never return?

– ex over break up and never return to you?

– having a hard time finding a true soulmate?

– attract to the person you adore but couldn’t make him or her have the same mutal feelings towards you?

– always having money issue in life?

Archan odd hoon pa yong prai tong come (Call back ex lover, attract a new lover, call back money or attract abundance of wealth)

One of the most powerful amulet by Archan odd ever made that can move by itself while chanting The most powerful subject of archan odd hoon pa yong for calling ex lover back, attract a new love , call back money and also attract abundance of wealth to the owner

Collected over a period of 3 years for the ingredient which includes:

– ash bone of 7 prai

– archan plien 59 ton powder (Use for making the orginial archan plien khun pean 59 ton) (Archan odd was friend of Archan plien while he was alive and had taken the 59 ton prai powder from archan plien himself)

– wah prai dum

– wah prai tong come

– cream prai mae nam fon (blessed together with archna plien while he was alive)

Archan odd chanted the hoon pa yong for 7 big ritual ceremony at the cemetry and while chanting, the hoon pa yong move by itself and was very powerful

According to Archan odd, after that the owner first sign, will notice the lover will be under the magic of the user, will believe the user in every things , will talk nicely or will return back to the user.

Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.


It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage. It can also charm an ex lover back. It can help you find a soulmate and suitable lover for you. The amulet will fan off third parties, saving you from emotional heartbreak. It can also be use for wealth luckand is best for business luck. The type of wealth here refers to both profit and increase in raving fans customers.

It can also make the other party  who own you money to easily return u money and attract more abundant of money to you.

Your love luck will skyrocket and always be smooth.

 special method will be taught to user for either calling back lover or call back money.

Price is only $188sgd only (limited pieces left)


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