Archan maha tana yinku doll and patyant (Call back lover set)



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Do you feel:

– Lack of respect and rapport from your wife/husband or lover
– That there is always obstacles in love life
– Your husband/ wife or boy/girlfriend had a third party outside and lost the appeal towards you
– Your husband /wife love the third party more then you.
– Boy/Girlfriend or Husband/wife had lost feelings for you and leave you
– Love Life always up and down, can`t seem to achieve balance
– Can’t seem to find the right soulmate for yourself.
– You try to call your lover but she/he ignore you, block you from watsapp, number and sms.
– You are gay or lesbian but cant seem to maintain a normal love relationship
– Lack of attraction and charming towards the opposite sex.
The ultimate charm back lover spell doll that can work without the person even meting the lover. Just chant at home and carry it around to charm the heart of lover back!!! If you cannot met your ex lover back, this is the must have charm for you to use. No more headache about thinking when can met your lover so you can use the amulet or oil on him or her. Now it can happen without you seeing him or her.
Archan maha tana yinku doll and patyant for charm and get back ex lover.

Archan maha tana made this lover doll for catching the soul of lover back to the owner. The doll was made using many old ingredient including old spirits wax that ac mahatana keep since he was a young master ,NMP old batch mix with thelastest batch The candle doll while he boiling the candle he was chanting many different spell till the power love spell of the doll became very strong.

The doll was also Chanted at Cemetry for 7 nights to install the spell into the yin ku doll.

Patyant cloth cambodia subject for wrapping the doll in order to trap the heart of the lover.
The way to use

The very first day while getting the yinku doll, draw name and date of birth of the lover respectively onto each female and male doll

Burn one incense and chant the general katha ” na mo ta sa…” 3 times follow by

” Au  mea  da keung da kang, da puan ta nang, da kang, na ma na maa, sa waa haa yea ” x 9 times
Then make a wish tell yinku spirits charm back the lover, after finish chant katha put the photo of the user and photo of lover together with the doll and then cover all by inku yant , then keep under the pillow or below the bed for charming the lover to be under your control and coming back to see you.
At day time next day ,open the yinku cloth , chant many rounds of katha if possible , then make  a wish tell the spirits to get back the lover, After finished the chnating, cover back the yinku doll with the pic by the cloth patyant ,  then carry a long the doll go out every where. The doll can be carried in the bag or placed in the car.

If not, it can also be placed at home in a secret place.

According to Archan maha tana, after that the owner first sign, will notice the lover will under black magic of the user, will believe the user in every things , will talk nicely or will return back to the user.
Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.
It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage. It can also charm an ex lover back.
The amulet will fan off third parties, saving you from emotional heartbreak.
Your love luck will skyrocket and always be smooth.
This doll can also be used not only on lovers but also your boss, parents and also on people at work to like and love you more.
Don’t miss out on this great amulets.
Price is only $198sgd only (limited pieces made)
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