Archan maha tana Special edition Salika hong tong lao tao



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The ultimate Special edition Salika hong tong lao tao that can persuade people to agree everything

Archan maha tana once again had created a new batch of salika bird amulet for best in charming, persuaion and wealth. This beautiful amulet is made for a period of 3 months collected from ingredient from cambodia personally by archan maha tana.

All powder was scattered on a piece of board and Archan maha tana had written yantra over and over it while chanting thesalika mantra,

Powder made included:

-  wahn see tong

-  wah mahasaney from combodia

-  wah saney ya fak

-  pong salika tong – wahn dok tong flower

Archan maha tana had also mixed this all material together and added a special bone ash powder of a special kind of birdinside the amulet. It was then wrapped and mixed together with his special waha maha saney oil.

Accordng to Archan maha tana,the owner can become super-successful in sales and/or marketing. You get to win the toughest negotiations,it was told that this amulet serves as a wishfulfiller, career booster andobstacles remover. All wishes will come true. Convince anyone of anything that is good for you. Regain lost love with an ex-partner instantly. Instigate a raise from your boss instantly. Sell products instantly. Make everyone like you.

Only limited pieces is made.

Get this Archan maha tana special edition salika hong tong loa tao for only $138ssgd

Additional Information

Weight 1.0 g

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