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Archan maha tana special salika hong tong takrut (Super powerful for persuasion for people to say YES to u, wealth and good luck)

The Great master Archan maha tana has created another world class takrut call Salika hong tong. Beside the ability to attract good luck and wealth to the owner, this takrut can make the owner become a master persuader, control people, change people’s mind and make them simply say YES to you in life, love, business and everything else.

This takrut represent the heavenly angel nut tae wee hong tong, one of the main angel which archan maha tana pray to.
Nut tae wee hong tong is a symbol of good luck, attraction and persuasion.
Also while writing the yantra and blessing this takrut, Archan maha tana receive the power from nut tae wee hong tong and transfer the power into each takrut, makign it super powerful.

The first Process is archan maha tana handwritten this takrut piece by piece and chanted it for very long.(at least 3 months)

The another unique special process is inside the takrut has two small salika pon yer takrut which he place inside his mouth, while making love with a girl, he chanted the spell into the takrut and then later he inserted the two small takrut into the salika hong tong takrut, making it super powerful for attraction.
According to archan maha tana, this two small takrut in his mouth respresent super powerful in communication.Whenever the owner tok, everybody will be charm by him/her.
Wherever the owner wear this takrut, everywhere he goes, it absorbs good energy to him.
This takrut saliak hong tong resprsent 6 effects
1. Ushers good luck and fortune 
2. Everyone to tok and persuaude anyone to say yes.
3. Elevating wealth and riches 
4. Protects individuals and home 
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship 
6. Brings windfall luck.

According to archan maha tana, wear this takrut together with the green takrut salika pon yer will made it even more powerfula nd stronger, effect will also come faster.

This takrut is made only 38 pieces by Archan maha tana as the process of making this takrut is super difficult and require him to make love with female often to make the two small salika pon yer takrut.
First come first serve here, You will not wish to be left out on this amazing takrut.
Get the Archan maha tana special salika hong tong takrut now at: $138sgd

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