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The powerful holy pink powder saney la long takrut by Archan maha tana.

These holy pink powder takrut was blessed and made for the upcoming valentine’s day for 2016.
He wanted to made the strongest attraction takrut for people who are unlucky in love life.
For example those who faces problem like
– unlucky in love life, unable to fins a true soulmate.
– You have a lover but was always ignore and disrespected by your partner.
– Unhappy marriage life and want to improve for the better.
– Get rid of third party who had destroy the relationship/marriage
– Able to control the mind of the lover to your advantage
– No have much friends in life and wanted more true friendship
– Charm back ex relationship or fix a broken marriage
These holy pink powder is the new subject from Laos and Archan maha tana use the Strong attraction Laos subject to bless it.
Ingredients from takrut saney la long:
– Wahn Saithong
– Dok rak sorn powder
– Maha hong powder
– Wahn kerkhoa long
– Charming powder of 108 inds from Laos.

According to Archan maha tana, this pink powder takrut can be used for trap the lovers heart and attract the ex lover back to the person. This is even more powder then the takrut la nan oor.
The pink takrut saney la long brings about successful love and romance in a relationship. It is an elixir of romance for binding new couples together as well as for existing love couples who needs an ultra strong boost in their love commitments. For existing couples, it can move past negativity and return passion to a relationship. It can also attract lost love back and binding two people back together.

It will stop interference from friends and relatives and allow two people to love each other, stay connected and develop their unfolding relationship in peace. This takrut ensures bad romances flee away as the past and deep in the underlying layers one can find the most precious love that is uplifting at the time when there is least of hope in love life. The takrut unleashed your love sufferings from the past.
In the path forward, it produces invisible power of love, bewitching and enchanting seductive magnetism, which draws romance into ones life. They correspond to the passionate progression of: smiling at the beloved, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, embracing and kissing, and sexual union.

It can use for control the boss, friends, customer or even your hard to deal with relative or family members.

The way to use takrut for best effect
1) Wear the takrut as an amulet in the pocket and chant the mantra spell for super charming, attraction and sex appeal to everyone.

2) Stir the takrut powder in the water and feed to the opposite party for controling of heart and mind.

3) Place takrut inside the water, pour the water from the palm of your hand and it will flow to the elbow then collect the water drip into another bowl.
if feed this water to lover , the lover will be completely crazy in love with you.

katha for stir takrut into the water

chant namo kata 3 times 1st then chant
“ei tha ka ma … na tha sa ma ni”  = 3 times

Made only 28 pieces, while limited stock last.

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