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Archan maha tana BoBoYee (Myanmar god for windfall luck, business luck, super wealth and gambling luck)

Special god and goddess BoBoYee and nut tae wee hong tong amulet made specially by Archan maha tana.
According to Archan maha tana, both nut tae wee hong tong and boboyee are myanmar gods which will bring faster result and enhance power to the owner who pray and wear them.
He had blessed it for a period of one year, and he invite both boboyee and nut tae wee hong tong to bless this amulets during the ceremony.

Made from 108 herbs, wahn salika, soil from 7 ants hill , wahna dok tong and many many holy materials.
Behind feature the yantra for good luck and two salika bird making love which means strong attraction, metta and authority over others.

God boboyee is actually the answer to unlocking the secret to a rich and wealthy life. It leads you to a journey of financial freedom where you are destined for prosperity, not scarcity, for abundance, not lack. You see yourself living in bounteous life – a life more than enough. It attracts money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rushes to you everyday. You will not see any shortage where INFINITE MONEY awaits you. You will become wealthy and abundant where the universe cheerfully provides. Infinite money is yours to earn, save, invest, exponentially multiplying where abundances embraces you. 
boboyee will make you have financially winning, both in windfall and business luck. You want to perpetuate your wins. You want to catch the “win-fection”. With the win-fection, you become an unstoppable magnet that wins, wins and wins. You will attract money, incredibly lots of it.
It brings successful business encounters, luck in investments, luck in stocks speculation, prosperity, wealth, abundance, success.

According to Archan maha tana, it is even better to wear this amulet together with god boboyee for even faster result. Both amulet work hand in hand to enhance the effect for the owner.
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