Archan maha tana holy bell na klong amulet



Product Description

Due to the popular demand of the na klong lersi pa kon tub amulet, Archan maha tana had made the new holy bell na klong amulet using the left over old drum skin.

This special amulet is made from old ancient temple drum skin.
Archan maha tana used the old drum skin and cut into many small pieces then handmade each piece into a drum shape with written yantra in each piece.

The holy bell When carved in and painted in yellow colour, is able to cure financial ailments and problems.
In temple when the bell was hit, it produces a nice ringing sound for calling all heavenly angeles, god and goddess to be present at the temple.
So this bell amulet when the owner wear and also respresent the bell being rang and increases the person 10 times the luck.
Meaning the louder the ringing sound, the luckier the person will be.

Each piece is handmade by Archan maha tana according to him, this holy bell na klong ensure all areas of ones life are protected and change for the better rapidly, he chanted a total of 9 incantations (not just one) for good luck, attraction and wealth into the amulet.

It has esoteric protection against negative energies, hostility, bad intentions and obstacles. The amulets can remove all sorts of hardships and difficulties. It is also especially great to transform the luck for those who are unemployed and have been suffering from a spate of bad luck. Last but not least, it grants you all your wishes cheerfully. 

Made only final 38 pieces.

This amulet work best when wore together with the na klong lersi pa kon tub amulet for best enhancement effect.Wear both amulet for enhancement in all aspects of your life.

see the amulet lersi pa kon tub amulet at this link:

Price is $98sgd (Singapore dollars) only

Additional Information

Weight 1.00 g

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