Archan Maha Tana dao artan (lucky star)



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Archan maha tana dao artan (lucky star

Special lucky star made by Archan maha tana following the method the orginial great master lp pinak.

Archan maha tana write the yantra using the wahn powder many time on a board and chanting it while drawing the yantra on the board and then he collected all powder then make into this star amulet. Inside is also mixed with the old powder use by lp pinak.

Then he chanted a total of 9 ritual ceremony into this amulet and also invited lp pinak from heaven to come help blessed this batch of star amulets alsio

According to Archan maha tana , This amulet serves as a wishfulfiller, career booster and obstacles remover. All career wishes of yours will come true because the star amulet is known to grant every wish!

Wearing the da artan star amulet by archan maha tana can :
– Become popular in your work and mong all industiries( reputation will be well-known and loud same like the hitting of the drum)

– Bring complete good fortune, material luck, spiritual growth, peace, confidence and genuine happiness.

You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking.

Good opportunities always come your way

- For those who desire to be very successful, granted with power, multiplication of financial victory, attaining economic freedom and becoming a business success.

Can be placed at home, bag or work place for to generate good energy, subdue bad energy so that good fortune continues to grow esponentially.

Only limited pieces is made!!!

Price at only $148sgd (last few pieces left)

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Weight 1.00 g

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